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Predictive Mode: Anticipate Campaign Results Before They Go Live

Review and discuss the predicted results of your campaign for data-driven decision making.

Lena Young
September 29, 2021

Enter Campaigns With Confidence

Running a successful influencer marketing campaign is about establishing a methodical strategy that ensures confidence for yourself, your team, and relevant stakeholders. More often than not this requires incorporating data into all stages of your influencer marketing campaign, allowing all of your decisions to be clearly explained and digested.

Klear clients rely on our sophisticated technology to run winning campaigns. From identifying the perfect collaboration with our comprehensive influencer discovery capabilities to measuring campaign impact. Klear has always been there at every stage of the influencer marketing journey. And, now we are proud to announce a new touch-point we are adding to user’s Klear experience: Predictive Mode. 

Predictive Mode is a new feature that allows clients to see predicted campaign results before the campaign goes live.

To help you understand just how great campaign predictions are, we have created a FREE Campaign Prediction Template, which you can download to use when creating a campaign proposal. 

Predict Campaign Success

The ability to predict campaign results is an important feature that we know our clients need. Not only can you view the results of your entire campaign, but Klear offers granular predictions per influencer! 

For Agencies

When working with clients, it is extremely important to have data that will justify all of your decisions. Predictive Mode is a great resource when pitching a campaign to clients. Review the predictions to establish trust with your clients, and enter a campaign with aligned expectations. 

For Enterprises

The Predictive Mode feature is also an awesome feature for brands, as it allows the entire team to grasp the full picture of a campaign. Use the tool to review predicted outcomes based on budget, and what to expect from each influencer. 

For Creators

The Predictive Mode feature doesn’t just establish internal alignment, it also helps you and your influencers know exactly what to expect when entering a campaign. Now when creating your campaign brief, there will be a new input field called “campaign deliverables” where you can let your influencer know exactly what content output is expected. 

These set deliverables will be used to create the predictive results for the campaign.

How To Predict Campaign Results

The new Predictive Mode feature is a pretty straightforward tool, which will make your life easier without any more work. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. 

Predict Campaign Results

Input the expected deliverable for each influencer. For example, if one influencer should post 3 stories and 2 feed posts, manually input that into the expected deliverable column. Then our machine learning technology will look at the results of your influencer’s past content and predict the results. 

Predictive metrics include

  • Engagements 
  • Engagement Rate 
  • True Reach 
  • Earned Media Value

Best of all, predictions are specific for each influencer in your campaign. Meaning each influencer can have unique expected deliverables and individual predictive results. 

Predict Campaign ROI

Not only can you predict campaign content performance, but you can predict the ROI of your collaboration. A vital tool when budgeting. Simply input the expected budget for your influencer. Klear will analyze that against the expected deliverable, and estimate performance data to help you understand the assumed value of each collaboration.

Run Data-Driven Campaigns

Data is an integral element of a successful campaign. With Klear, our clients can rely on our industry-leading technology to make data-driven decisions and enter campaigns with confidence. Schedule a call with one of our influencer marketing experts and learn how Klear’s technology can support your goals.