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Track campaign success

Klear campaign reports are data-driven and use industry-leading metrics to quantify campaign performance. Use Klear’s analysis capabilities to improve your strategy by identifying areas for further growth.

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Measure campaign ROI

With Klear, use data when budgeting for your next campaign and get a full understanding of what drives success. Identify which partnerships bring the most value. Evaluate a campaign’s Earned Media Value to estimate campaign ROI.

Klear’s ROI estimation capabilities work on a macro and micro level. Understand how much your entire campaign earned, or do a granular ROI assessment by influencer.

Automatically track content

Klear aggregates all campaign-related content, including Instagram Stories, by unlimited @brand mentions, #hashtags, or keywords. Meaning you’ll never miss content published by your influencers no matter the time or content format.

With real-time notifications, always stay in the loop when new content is published. All content is automatically saved to Klear and can be viewed at any time.

Generate reports

Klear’s campaign reporting capabilities are unparalleled, offering macro and granular impact on a campaign’s performance. Our reports visualize the data summarizing your entire campaign to show campaign success at first glance.

This includes total and per post metrics, average audience information, ROI, and best-performing campaign content.

Track sales and pay affiliates

Klear enables you to track all relevant conversions within the campaign and streamlines the entire sales process. Affiliate fees are calculated automatically and you can pay the influencer directly through your Klear Pay account.

We also aggregate products sold by influencers with specific sales-related data that helps you understand the impact of your collaboration.

Performance metrics

Granularly assess the impact of your influencer budget and have relative KPIs to compare influencer marketing to other marketing channels.

This can help you identify the type of influencer and type of content that is most cost-effective for your brand.

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