Measure Influencer Programs

Track campaign success
Klear campaign reports are data-driven and use industry-leading metrics to quantify campaign performance. Use Klear’s analysis capabilities to improve your strategy by identifying areas for further growth.
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Estimate Campaign ROI

With Klear, use data when budgeting for your next campaign and get a full understanding of what drives success. Identify which partnerships bring the most value. Evaluate a campaign’s Earned Media Value to estimate campaign ROI.

Klear’s ROI estimation capabilities work on a macro and micro level. Understand how much your entire campaign earned, or do a granular ROI assessment by influencer.

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Automate Manual Tasks

Klear aggregates all campaign-related content, including Instagram Stories, by unlimited @brand mentions, #hashtags, or keywords. Meaning you’ll never miss content published by your influencers no matter the time or content format.

With real-time notifications, always stay in the loop when new content is published. All content is automatically saved to Klear and can be viewed at any time.

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