Influencer Score

This is Jack Morris.
He is a Travel influencer,
his influence score is 98.
How do we know? Scroll to find out.

Network Effect
Niche Marketing

What Is Influence?

The ability to drive action. It is NOT about how many followers you have, nor is it how many engagements you get. The expected number of relevant users that will see and react to your post defines how influential you are.
We use machine learning and data prediction analyzing thousands of features and billions of posts. Using these algorithms, we calculate influence across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Blogs.

The Network Effect

The people who follow and interact with you significantly affect your influence. Klear builds a people rank that matches patterns within your network of followers and interactions.
As example, one of the patterns is based on your followers interest in your content. Influential users in your interest spaces that comment on your posts contribute significantly to your score, while fake followers decrease your score.

Experts In Their Niche

Influencers get an expert badge if their influence in that specific skill crosses a certain threshold. There are broad skills such as Travel or Fashion, and niche ones, such as Illustration or Bikram Yoga.
Using our proprietary technology we've classified over 500 million influencers into 60,000 skills. The platform categorizes every influencer into their top skills and measures their ability to influence their fans in those very topics.

How Is The Score Calculated?

Our algorithms predict the amount of real views an influencers' post will receive by evaluating deep network patterns that correspond with real people vs. automated bots or sporadic usage.

There are thousands of different patterns. 'Likes' from newly created accounts will be considered as a low-quality pattern, while long-lasting relationships and high-interest space match are considered a high-quality pattern.

An Influencer score is then determined and given on a scale between 1-100, providing you with an accurate statistic of how truly influential your influencer is.