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Part 3: View Influencer Profiles

Analyze and vet influencers by reviewing performance and demographic data.

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Your discovery results will render the top 50 influencers that align with your search filters. The search result page will offer a preview of the influencer’s profile including audience demographic data, follower count, and past collaborations.


Tagged Influencers

Think of the Profile tab as your shortcut to all your relevant influencers. Here you can view all of your tagged influencers and all of the influencer profiles you’ve recently viewed.

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In the search bar, add your influencer’s @handle, and their profile will appear in the drop-down. If you would like to learn more about the influencer, click on the influencer’s name and a new tab will open with the influencer’s complete profile. Here you can learn everything you need about a potential collaboration to ensure proper vetting. Within your influencer’s profile page you will see five tabs; Overview, Content, Demographics, Network, and Manage.

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When you arrive on an influencer profile page, by default you will view the Overview section of their profile. This offers you an overview of all the essential insights you need to vet your influencers including; engagement, top content, brand safety, and network overview. Once you see something interesting, you can then get a more comprehensive look at the insights by investigating their profile.

Brand Safety

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A critical element of the Overview tab is the Brand Safety feature. This capability can detect whether collaborating with an influencer presents any risk and if an influencer aligns with your brand values.

Our AI algorithm can determine the authenticity of an influencer's audience (i.e. fake accounts), and if any suspicious practices have occurred like auto-liking bots or pods. Additionally, you can set a list of suspicious keywords to identify if an influencer has posted any content that contradicts brand values.



The content section is where you can review an influencer’s past collaborations and assess top-performing content. Such insights are perfect for ensuring value alignment, and confirming that an influencer does not have controversial collaborations. Additionally, reviewing performance metrics of top-performing content will allow you to set realistic expectations of campaign content.

All content can be granularly filtered by time-frame or sponsorship.



A key element of a successful collaboration is ensuring an influencer’s audience aligns with your campaign target. For example, if you are targeting Gen-Z males but an influencer’s audience is mainly Millennial females, then that would not be the right fit.

The demographic tab will show you a complete breakdown of an influencer’s audience. This includes age demographics, dominant gender, top city, top country, and most relevant hashtags.



Another important way to vet a potential collaborator is by reviewing the strength of their audience. Rather than understand the audience demographic, this step will help you understand the relevant influencers within their audience. Meaning, not only are you engaging with a relevant audience, but with strong social media users. It’s a win-win all around.

The Network tab will render the most influential users in an influencer’s audience. You can assess followers’ influence by their Klear Score, and look to see if they have participated in branded collaborations.



Under the manage tab, you can see relevant information about an influencer that you or a teammate has updated. This information ensures that everyone is fully prepared to enter a collaboration.

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