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Part 6: Recruit

Learn how to leverage Klear for eCommerce goals.

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If you’re looking to leverage influencer marketing for eCommerce success, then our Recruit feature is perfect for you. Rather than searching for relevant influencers, Recruit helps you identify influencers who already exist in your customer base and turn them into brand ambassadors for an influencer loyalty program.


You're able to create an application form that can be embedded into your website or act as a landing page. On the application form, customers are invited to share their social details in order to be selected as brand ambassadors.


All social credentials will be sent to Klear, and customers with strong influencer metrics will be flagged as ideal candidates.

Share Coupon Codes and Track Conversions

Within Recruit you can generate customizable coupon codes to be shared with your brand ambassadors.

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Add a tracking pixel to your coupon codes, product pages, and check-out to measure link clicks and conversions. This can help you estimate the impact of your influencer loyalty program and set realistic expectations for future campaigns. All tracked conversions will be aggregated into your campaign report, so your success can be easily shared with the rest of your team and relevant stakeholders.