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Part 5: Monitors

Use monitors to stay updated on industry trends and competitor activity.


By monitoring relevant #hashtags and competitor influencer mentions, you can perform a competitive analysis and stay on top of industry trends.

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You have two types of monitors you can set: Brands or keywords. A brand monitor means you are monitoring a brand’s social profiles. While a Keyword monitor means monitoring the activity generated from a relevant keyword or #hashtag (i.e. #JustDoIt).

monitor 3.png

A brand filter will give you an overview of the influence of a brand’s social profile. In the overview tab you can see how many mentions the brand has generated over a specific time period, how many new followers the brand grew, and the relevant engagements. Think of this like the influencer profile page, but for brands.


Review a brand’s top-performing content and see which influencers were behind the success. All content can be sorted by date or engagement.



Assess your competitor’s audience demographic to understand who they are targeting and identify untapped markets ready for penetration.



Review the most influential users mentioning a brand. This is great for identifying potential collaborators. Or, take your analysis one step further, and review the influencer’s profile to understand why your competitor is working with them.


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