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Part 4: Campaigns

Learn how to leverage Klear for all campaign management and influencer collaboration needs.

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Once you’ve identified the perfect influencers, all campaign management and collaboration will take place in the campaign tab. This is where you will invite influencers to join your campaign, communicate directly with your influencer, approve content, process payments, and measure the impact of your campaign. Seamless collaboration is critical for the success of your campaign, and Klear ensures that all stages of your campaigns will run smoothly and transparently.

Manage Campaigns

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When entering the Campaign tab, you will see all of your existing campaigns. Each campaign has its own name, relevant keyword, #hashtag, or @brand for monitoring, and a blue icon will indicate any new campaign posts.

The typical funnel of a campaign is:

  • Identify relevant influencers
  • Add to Klear campaign
  • Invite influencers to collaborate on Klear
  • Share and approve content
  • Set tracking keywords
  • Monitor and review campaign progress

    Simply click on a campaign to begin working and collaborating.



Once you enter a campaign you will see a list of all the influencers you have added to the campaign during your vetting process.

If the campaign is live you will see the number of posts the influencer has contributed to the campaign, as well as relevant influencer insights which can be customized to best suit your experience.



This is where you can view the status of each influencer, review budgets, and identify which team-member owns the influencer relationship. This is great for ensuring team transparency.



Here you will see a macro view of the progress of your campaign management.



In landscape, you can view all other brands mentioned in your campaign ecosystem. This means brands your influencers have collaborated with in the past. This feature is important for recognizing if your influencers are compatible, or if a specific brand does not align with your values.



Connect is our influencer collaboration and communication portal. It is where you will first invite influencers to join a campaign by sending a campaign brief. As well as handle all influencer communication including content approval, payments, and contract signing.

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Klear Connect makes influencer management easy and hassle-free. We have an integrated direct messaging service so you can communicate with your influencers from within Klear. All communication and content submissions are logged.

The foundation of any successful campaign is a strong relationship, which is what makes an influencer relationship management capability so essential. Watch the video at the end of this section to learn how Connect can act as your CRM.



When you set up your campaign, you are required to set a campaign keyword. The keyword is typically a campaign-related #hashtag or @brand. Klear will automatically aggregate, save, and analyze all influencer content with the relevant keyword, including Instagram stories. Once your campaign is live, you can view the impact of the aggregated campaign content under the measure tab.

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You can view macro insights including total posts, engagements, reach, and EMV. If you’d like to receive more granular insights, you can review the impact of each individual influencer and each individual piece of campaign content.

Campaign Reporting

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Within the measure tab, you can download a beautiful campaign report, which is a digestible PDF of all relevant campaigns insights. All reports include a campaign summary, audience demographics, top-performing content, and granular insights.

Reports can be downloaded as a PDF or a customizable Google Doc, which can then be shared with the rest of the team.

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