Create Winning YouTube Influencer Campaigns

Klear’s dynamic solution offers all that you need to run winning YouTube campaigns with your influencers.

Whether you're discovering your next YouTube star or measuring the results of your campaign, Klear’s full-cycle platform provides data-driven insights every step of the way.

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Find YouTube Creators For Your Target Audience

Discover the perfect YouTuber to promote your brand!

Klear’s sophisticated discovery tool allows for segmented results by industry, region, audience demographics, past brand collabs, and more.

Best of all, results are filtered by social platforms, so you can ensure that you’re discovering the best YouTubers for your brand.

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Review Video Views and Audience Demographics

Klear automatically generates a profile for every YouTuber, which offers an overview of the influencer’s capabilities, making the vetting process easy and efficient.

Profiles include Klear score, subscriber count, true reach, audience demographics, top-performing content, collaboration portfolio, and more.

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Approve Videos Before They Go Live

With a built-in Influencer Relationship Management tool, Klear makes the collaboration process hassle-free.

Message your YouTubers directly from within Klear, send campaign briefs, sign contracts, and make payments. And, Klear clearly organizes campaigns by the status of each YouTuber’s content submission, to help everything run as smoothly as possible.

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Data-Driven YouTube Campaign Insights

Once your YouTube campaign goes live, get real-time analytics with Klear’s dynamic analytics capabilities. Follow YouTube mentions as they happen and track the progress of your entire campaign or receive granular results by influencer.

After your campaign is completed you can download a report PDF, which breaks down campaigns by Post, Engagement, Reach, EMV, and Link Clicks.

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