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Klear’s leading TikTok influencer tool ensures you are collaborating with the perfect TikTok creator for your brand. Powered by our industry leading AI technology, Klear is the ultimate resource for running winning TikTok campaigns.

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Discover TikTok Influencer in Seconds

Powered by Klear’s machine learning technology, Klear’s new TikTok tool categorizes influencers by the relevant content and engagements.

In just seconds identify hundreds of TikTok creators that generate serious buzz.

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Connect With GenZ Fans

Use Klear’s data-rich influencer profile to ensure you are partnering whose fans align with your target demographic.

Vet TikTok creators with advanced influencer metrics including; Klear Influencer Score, engagements, True Reach, Fans, and estimated Earned Media Value.

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Say Goodbye To Emails!

With an integrated communication portal, enjoy transparent communication and seamless collaboration with your influencers.

Using Klear brands and TikTok creators can share and approve content, sign contracts, process payment, and more.

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Easily Analyze TikTok Campaigns

Klear automatically aggregates all relevant campaign content, allowing for a thorough campaign analysis and strategy assessment.

Easily generate beautiful reports with digestible insights, that can be shared with your team and relevant stakeholders.

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