The #1 Instagram Influencer Marketing Platform

Klear’s comprehensive Instagram influencer tool ensures you’re hiring influencers that align and promote your brand’s values.

With industry leading features, Klear is a one-stop-shop for running winning Instagram campaigns.

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Instagram Stories Tracking

Instagram stories are an integral component of an influencer campaign, yet monitoring stories can be time consuming and hard to measure.

Klear’s tool automatically tracks Instagram stories and aggregates all stories into your campaign report.

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Rich Instagram Analytics

The Klear Instagram profiles analytics ensure the Instagram influencers you are collaborating with have the most potential to have an impact on your marketing efforts.

Our social index uses advanced graph algorithms to differentiate between fake influencers and those that can impact your target audience.

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Manage Your Instagram Relationships

Klear Connect is a built-in CRM, acting as a hub for all your Instagram campaign communication.

Share campaign brief outlining relevant #hashtags, receive permission to track stories, approve Instagram posts before they go live, and receive campaign notifications.

With Connect stay up-to-date on campaign progress, and maintain effortless communication.

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Instagram Campaign Measurement

Klear automatically aggregates and analyzes campaign content to produce valuable insights that show campaign success.

Data is produced in a clean campaign report that can be easily downloaded and shared with the entire team, including metrics like ROI and True Reach.

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