Marketing Suite For Global Teams

Klear’s enterprise solution streamlines the collaboration process, removing the complications so you can focus on what really matters.

Our data-driven tool empowers teams to manage multi-member influencer campaigns, and make the best decisions for your brand.

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Strategic Discovery Engine For Global Corporate Needs

Klear allows for segmented influencer discovery ensuring that each influencer collaboration aligns with brand goals.

Use sophisticated filters and discover influencers by location, language, niche topic, audience demographics, and more. We understand that each enterprise influencer campaign has a specific use-case and goal, and our discovery tool lets you identify the perfect influencer for the most niche campaign.

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Keep Every Team Member Involved

Maintain transparency with a large global team with Klear’s extensive tool. Klear acts as a central repository for all influencer activity and interactions, so everyone knows where each project stands.

Set permissions to ensure no toes are stepped on and everyone can focus on their priorities. Klear sends real-time notifications when there are updates to a campaign, so everyone is easily kept in the loop without long email threads and excel sheets.

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Maintain Brand Guidelines With Built-In Influencer CRM

Klear Connect is our in-app Influencer Relationship Management portal. Connect centralizes all influencer communication and collaborations with an in-app messaging tool.

Directly send influencers campaign briefs, preview and approve content before it goes live, sign contracts, and even process payments and W9 forms. With status updates and influencer tagging, Klear Connect helps teams maintain transparency by keeping everyone informed on campaign status.

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Share Data With Stakeholders and Decision Makers

With Klear, let all your decisions be data-driven. From influencer selection to campaign reporting, Klear automates easy to digest PDFs that can be exported for internal use.

Influencer profiles can be shared with top management to justify the selection process, and campaign reports can be presented with metrics including engagement and a customizable ROI calculator. Our end-to-end tool ensures that the entire team knows the impact and value of a campaign from start to finish.

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