Increase Sales With Influencers

For eCommerce brands, a successful influencer marketing strategy requires a holistic approach. It is not just about discovering new influencers to promote your brand but looking inside your existing network of customers and fans to identify brand ambassadors.
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Turn Customers Into Influencers

Discover which of your existing clients are already influencers! Recruit your customers to promote your brand on social, and identify those with true social media impact. Easily collect social media credentials to validate and assess your audience. It's a win-win for everyone!

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Identify Collaboration Opportunities

Use Klear's AI Influencer Technology to vet the social media impact of your customers. Leverage data-driven metrics including true-reach, engagement, audience authenticity, and more to identify potential collaborations with real influencers.

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Share Coupon Codes With Influencers

Enjoy seamless communication between you and your influencers using Klear's integrated collaboration portal. Klear enables you and your influencers to direct message, send campaign briefs, approve content, sign contracts, process payments, and more. And, activate your influencers with coupon codes that are automatically tracked for conversion reporting.

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Track Conversions

Use Klear to measure the impact of your collaborations. Review campaign success with Klear's campaign reporting tool which automatically aggregates and analyzes all campaign content and delivers important KPIs such as Reach, Engagements, and EMV. And, use Klear to track campaign conversions with coupon codes and relevant links.

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