An Influencer Software For The Modern Agency

Klear’s sophisticated solution enhances the entire influencer workflow from discovery to vetting, to collaboration, to campaign measurement.

Be it a one-time collaboration, or a multi-partner campaign, the Klear platform will provide ultimate results for your clients.

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Branded Client Dashboard

Successfully build campaigns that can be easily shared with clients. Include them in the entire process from selecting influencers to measuring campaign impact.

Your clients will get a real-time dashboard with the campaign progress, white-labeled for your agency. Give them access to approve influencers, adding notes, and adding their verification for content approval.

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An Influencer Database To Support Any Client

Identify the perfect influencers to promote your clients with the smartest influencer discovery tool on the market.

Influencers can be discovered using advanced filters including industry, region, social channel, audience demographics, niche topics, and more. Allowing your agency to support clients from any geo and industry.

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End-to-End Campaign Management

No more emails or DMs, let Klear be the hub for all your influencer activity and interactions. All communication is centralized in one location and organized by client and campaign.

Be it inviting an influencer to join a campaign, sending a brief, or approving content, Klear creates a hassle-free collaboration experience.

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Klear’s rich analytics paint a complete picture of how each influencer contributed to a campaign.

Download customizable campaign reports and receive a breakdown of campaign performance, influencer impact, and ROI.

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