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Bonjour, I like to tweet…a LOT. Always happy to make new friends on Twidder :) x Blog: http://www.instagram.com/tsunimee

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This is it. It is finally happening and the news are finally sinking in. I can't tell you for how long I have been longing for this day to happen. After 7 failed interviews, I have managed to convince a panel about my potential and I have secured myself a new job The interview happened on Friday and I received the good news on the same day but I have been waiting to hear for a confirmation and also for a clarification on the salary. Accepting this new role comes along with a sacrifice: I will take a HUGE pay cut but I am trying to convince myself that it is a small price to pay for (hopefully) happier days in a workplace I have not had the easiest ride with my job situation. {Insert violins here} Two years ago, I was made redundant from a job (and work environment) which I loved to pieces. Whilst I managed to find a new job within 2 months of redundancy, I took a 2K pay cut. Today, 2 years after, I am about to start a different with a further 2K pay cut. The norm for people is that the longer they work, the more they get paid. But for me, the opposite seems to happen: the longer I work, the less I get paid. I know that a figure on your pay check doesn't define your worth but my self esteem has hit rock bottom. I feel like I am going to be one of these people dependent on their partner to live on. I hate that. I value my independence so much, it really really REALLY bugs me. I am going to have to find something else to do with my life to like myself again, to impress myself and be proud of myself again but right now, I can't say I like myself very much Anyway, I am positive that with time, my self esteem will improve. Today is a good day. Today, I took my destiny in my own hands. What a relief. Thank you everybody for all your support on here. I did it! AaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaa. Yayyyyyyyyyya weeeeeeeeeeee :) :) :) wooooooo x
54 | August 25, 2015
Halloween 2016. "Alien" Plan B Makeup (photo 2/2) The build up to Halloween was very unusual this year. By September I usually get the itch to play with makeup and come October I have practised my Halloween makeup look that many times that I get almost sick with it before the day arrives. I went on holidays to Mexico this year, for the last two weeks in September. The holiday was just fabulous that I spent most of October reminiscing the great moments. So Halloween came like a ton of bricks and I was fully unprepared. I had an idea of what I wanted to be (I have ideas for the next 10 years to be honest) but lacked an awful lot of practice. The day before the big day, I had to come up with a back up plan so this is my plan B, which I wore on Saturday 29 October With this amount of skin showing (I thought I could use a bit of cleavage to compensate for the boring look), I could have done with colouring these areas green but truth is that I suck at water based paint. I always end up with a patchy and streaky result. So I achieved my green with a base of nyx jumbo pencil and the first green eyeshadow I could find from a beauty uk palette. If you are familiar with beauty uk palettes, you will know that the shadow is very small so I basically ran out when it came to my neck and decoletté All in all, I can't say that I am proud of this look. I can do much better than that. Did it ruin my night? Absolutely not. No words can describe how much fun I had on the night. Partying with all these people who also followed this 'secret code' of dressing up was just so much fun. I had also been wanting to be green for a long time and that made me very happy. I hope you have had a fantastic Halloween xx #halloweenmakeuplook #halloweenmakeup #alienmakeup #alienmakeuplook
71 | November 1, 2016

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