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Lindsey Redfern Social Profile

Lindsey Redfern

Salt Lake City
Discovering color in the grey of infertility. Educating about the awesomeness of open adoption. Celebrating the joy of my diverse family. Help, hope and humor.

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Moms, Adoption, Blogger
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United States
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Instagram Post
Per Sage's request, Josh left the hospital early Sunday to pick up the siblings and bring them to Lincoln. They immediately fell head over heels for him. We gave them each a few minutes to snuggle him so Sage could see Lincoln interact with his sibs like she wanted and then we rushed to get him back in her arms. Every 3 seconds one of the siblings was asking to hold Lincoln. I pulled the kids aside in her room and whispered that this may be Sage's last day to have Lincoln in her arms whenever she wanted and then he would come home with us and she would miss him terribly. I looked over as Sage was rocking Lincoln with tears in her eyes. I took the kids to a different room so Sage could have some quiet privacy and asked the kids if they noticed that Sagey had tears. They asked me why, I told them it was because she loved Lincoln so much and was going to miss him. I told them that each one of their birth moms cried lots of tears before they placed them in our arms. I asked them, "Do birth mamas love their babies?" "OH YEAH!" Tyson said. Several hours later after being discharged from the hospital and going out to lunch together with Sage and her bestie, Josh prepped the kids in the car for relinquishment. "We need to be reverent and we need to be quiet. This is a very, very hard thing Sage is thinking about doing." After Sage decided to sign the papers, Gavin and Jackson wandered into the room and saw Sage crying while holding Lincoln. They both walked over to her and hugged her and told her they loved her. I feel like my kids learned so much about their own adoption stories yesterday. // One of the great privileges of my life is that I've been invited to see each one of my kids with their birth mothers in the hospital. I can give my kids a first hand account that their birth mamas love them so fiercely. // Last night Gavin was snuggling Lincoln. He was telling me how much he loves to hold Lincoln and how he felt Heavenly Father close and feels like he knows Lincoln even though he just met him today. And then he said, "Adoption is kind of sad because birth moms miss their babies but it's also lots of love too." Exactly, buddy. Exactly.
445 | June 6, 2016

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momitforward.com mormonnewsroom.org dawns.co 5minutesformom.com travelingmom.com lds.org spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com vite.io
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