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Elizabeth Antonia Social Profile

Elizabeth Antonia

Los Angeles
• find some beautiful place to get lost • instagram: thelittlest email: thelittlestblog@gmail.com

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Hillary won the popular vote! She showed half the Americans who were willing to come out and vote (47% of Americans didn't vote) that a vote for optimism, progress, and the belief that all humans are created equal matters. We showed our sons and daughters the importance of voting. I'm grateful that I live in a state that is hopeful & progressive. The other half voted for a platform that ran on fear and division. How blinded by reality television and the cult of personality our country has become. Our nation is so divided and we've given power to someone who would take away our hard won civil liberties. There is nothing more dangerous than those who mistake wrong action for righteous beliefs. I tucked my daughters into bed, and memorized their faces at ages 4 and 7, still in the kingdom of childhood. Not old enough to know about racism, sexism, and gun violence, my mind did go to fear. Fear of what they would see at the ages of 8 and 11 with a Trump presidency. I'm heartened by the gracious words of HRC & Obama and am certain that if the tides had turned, today would have been far less peaceful. I'll continue to teach my daughters that the world is good and that our natural resources are precious. That people should be able to love whomever they wish to love. My girls were unaware of this divisive election yet I know that the next time won't be as easy. I don't believe in Trump and he doesn't represent me. His character and moral choices are an embarrassment to our country. I pray he'll be sober enough to NOT use his office for personal revenge and listen to the voices of those in the red states that feel deep despair and unhappiness in their lives. I'm hopeful that he will not represent the hateful. I'll lead my children from a loving, color blind heart...a place they already exist! I'll shield them from these adult conversations and let them know they are safe. And I'll fight for civil liberties, even ones I don't exercise myself because this is bigger than any of us! We are the heart of our families and our example matters. Obama said "We all go forward with the presumption of good faith in our fellow citizens." Yes, let's try. Collage by @idapearle
1,401 | November 10, 2016

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