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Herro! I write about fash-un. #LoveisLove

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It would seem strange to suddenly go from the last post to a handbag or a pretty shoe so here goes... and whilst I'm generally reticent about confessional postings, if the events of Mon-Tues have taught me anything, it's that my sizeable but not ginormous following are more akin to being friends rather than alien voyeurs Without going into details, what Steve went through was beyond traumatic. And I did very nearly lose him. My world as a result feels like it's been tipped over. What I thought I knew, maybe I didn't know at all Right now I'm in the hospital with him making sure he can feel the baby kicking (and she is kicking a lot...) as he drifts in and out of sleep. The life inside of me is pulling us through but it can't be this baby bandage Something else has to change and right now we're not sure what that is... or how we go about it. I've had the fortune to do what I want creatively speaking to earn my keep in this world. And I've been lucky enough to have met the partner that I can happily tack 'life' on as a prefix. And now we have this new life inside of me, that is coming imminently Still... all of that doesn't quite add up. And time will tell whether things just go back to "normal" - whatever that means. Exciting fashions, Insta-worthy holiday shots and random ramblings won't be obliterated. But what goes on behind the veneer of all of that can't be ignored either Once again I'm thanking our families, friends (both close and vague), and also all the gestures of well wishing from nice strangers. The road to recovery begins with those all-important people...
9,170 | December 8, 2016
Instagram Post
I’m going to take this one opportunity to express (no pun intended…) some thoughts about closing the breastaurant down as Nico is now weaned on to formula and solids. I’ve spent the weekend with my chest bound up in a sports bra, stuffed with cabbage leaves and I'm dosed up on painkillers, thinking about the last seven months and my strange, and by no means abnormal up and down relationship with breastfeeding At its peak, during those 3am dead-of-the-night feeds, Nico would suddenly look up at me with her intently stare-stare eyes when latched on, and my brain would go all gooey, thinking about how momentous this physical bond is. At the bottom of the trough, I was yanking out my breasts (and I never thought my modest chest would be at all yankable) in frustration every half an hour because Nico could not be satiated or she was just gnawing at my nipples, clamping at them as a teething mechanism And likewise the breast-is-best attitude as expounded by the NHS/NCT/La Leche League and the STILL slightly stiff upper lip embarrassment over breastfeeding in public (*ahem* Tristram Hunt) is also equally conflicting It’s a process that is both natural and yet wholly destabilising, hence why it can be so tough to initiate, and also comes doused in guilt whenever you choose to end it. One, six, nine, eighteen months? The conclusion of breastfeeding seems to come with a disclaimer of "I feel so bad that I’m doing this but…". As if being physically tethered to your child is proof of good motherhood I’m not going to romanticise the end of this chapter. I’m faintly sad that it’s coming to an end but looking forward immensely to getting my body back to myself. As for Nico, she has happily moved on, taking a bottle into her own hands. The light at the end of this engorged tunnel? Layers. Lots of buttons. Dresses that I can’t strip out of easily. Hurrah.
9,294 | September 3, 2017

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