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Elika Sadeghi Social Profile

Elika Sadeghi

United States
I'm not for everyone.

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84 /100
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Very High
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Sports, Football, Food
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United States
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Instagram Post
#TBT: I fell in love with college football at 10 and soon after I'd wake up way early on Saturdays for College Gameday. By middle school my wardrobe revolved around CFB. I was an Iranian-American preteen in OC who'd countdown til newsstands got preview mags. My team went 6-6 and I still loved it. I wasted time on message boards. I wrote my SAT-II essay on the BCS. I decided to study business in college, I could pay to go to games if I made a living. Who was ever going to put that Iranian-American girl from OC on TV to talk about sports? Who gets that lucky? I landed a marketing internship with ESPN. I literally jumped on a table and shouted it out when I got that call. While there, I worked on a new network, ESPNU--the girl who grew up loving CFB and chose to not work in it. Amazing. But how lucky were the people actually in that studio? The luckiest, I thought. Years later, I fell into a handful of TV appearances, because life is weird. 2 yrs ago ESPNU called, offering my first regular gig. I slept 6 nights/wk that fall, taking redeyes every week so I could be in Charlotte in time to rush to the set, juggling it with a full time job in OC. I'd get home less than 24 hours after leaving home-- 2 cross country flights and live TV in between. I got steak and bourbon at CLT after each show, since I only had time for one meal to spend my per diem on. I was always tired but DUDE, ESPNU wanted to put that Iranian-American girl from OC on TV to talk about CFB, and who turns that down for sleep? Last year, there was a night I left the studio and it hit me that I got to talk about CFB, profess my love for In N Out, and talk about Tupac and Biggie on what was such an amazing show to work on. I was the luckiest girl in the world. ESPNU Charlotte brought to life a dream I never knew I could dare to dream. It introduced me to some of the finest people I know... many behind the scenes who poured their hearts into making great TV. I'm heartbroken ESPNU Charlotte is no longer, and so many lives are changing. I hope those who got that call continue to pursue their dreams with the passion and brilliance they dedicated to ESPNU every day. They helped make my dreams come true.
907 | April 27, 2017

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United States
United Kingdom
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New York
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everydayshouldbesaturday.com collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com footballscoop.com awfulannouncing.com theringer.com screengrabber.deadspin.com collegefootball.ap.org mweb.cbssports.com
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