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Writer, bookworm, snack enthusiast. Married to @aaronieq, mom to 2 boys. Midwesterner in NYC.

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19,012 | January 4, 2019
Instagram Post
This is the sentence that’s changing everything for me right now: “I guess I just haven’t learned that yet.” Not “I must be dumb.” Not “I’m failing.” Not “What’s wrong with me?” This is the gift of being a beginner, the gift of laying down your expert/know-it-all/grown-up status, & letting yourself be a learner, a question-asker, a discoverer again. We started saying it right when we moved here, mostly for the kids, to give them language & assurance that they’re not SUPPOSED to know how everything works in a new place—I told them, let’s practice saying it every single day, whether it’s about school or the subway or navigating new friendships in a new place: “I guess I just haven’t learned that yet.” And after a few weeks, I realized it wasn’t just about the move, of course, and it wasn’t only for the kids. It’s about a way of being in the world—a posture of willingness to grow, to be wrong, to be uncertain, to be brave enough to believe new things and leave some things behind, no longer true or useful. There’s so much freedom & energy & life in this phrase for me. Being a beginner again is renewing so much in my heart, in my eyes, in the way I see myself & this beautiful world. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything I don’t know, I feel delighted, free, energized—almost like when you’ve got a stack of books you haven’t read yet—that amazing feeling that there’s so much waiting for you, and all you have to do is stop pretending you’re too old or too cool or too sure of everything. In one thousand humbling, beautiful, heart-expanding ways, “I guess I just haven’t learned that yet.” ❤️
15,111 | April 29, 2019

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