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Scott Simons Social Profile

Scott Simons

Los Angeles
1/2 of @TeamMateBand (Rostrum Records)/songwriter/producer/keyboardist for X Factor, America's Got Talent/Singer of Paw Patrol theme & more. WV native in LA.

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20/20 My dad died 20 yrs ago today at 49 from complications after a bone marrow transplant when I was 20. That means there will be a moment this year where for the rest of my life I will have lived w/o my dad longer than I did w/ him. The pain still hurts as much as it did 20 yrs ago. I keep it at bay, carrying it w/ me always just below the surface to be a source of drive, perspective or inspiration. But when I let myself feel & really focus on his memory all I can think of is how badly I want to talk to him 1 more time and blow his mind w/ pride. My dad was a beautiful, passionate, extremely talented, hilarious & caring man. When my mom was in labor he almost got kicked out of the delivery area for making jokes. He put me in his local plays starting at age 3, taught me to play clarinet, taught me to sing harmony along w/ his favorite songs, bought my 1st keyboard & told me I could write songs for a living 1 day. He rarely called me Scott, usually “Scooter” or “Scooty”. He never missed a performance of mine. He booked my 1st gig at age 15 & was constantly requesting songs at home for me to learn. He was always “on”. He cracked up everyone. Mostly though, he cracked up himself. He also had another side that was analytical & always had the answers. Or he could bullshit really well to convince you he had the answers. He was a weatherman after all. I want everyone to know he was so fucking awesome & that’s an understatement. I want everyone to know that I am my dad’s son. I want everyone to know that when I pass my dad’s final age of 49, you're all invited to 1 hell of a 50th. I want everyone to know that there isn’t a moment that I don’t feel the hole in my heart he left 20 yrs ago. I want everyone to know that as much as I would love to have my dad w/ me & for him to know everything I’ve accomplished since he left, I wouldn’t change a thing. I think. I want everyone to know that I wouldn’t be who I am now without my dad even though I became who I am without my dad. I want everyone to know these things about my dad, Mike Simons. Or maybe I just want to make sure I still do after 20 yrs. RIP, Dad. I love and miss you more than I could ever say or type. Shalom.
237 | May 3, 2017

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