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Saarloos + sons Social Profile

Saarloos + sons

Los Olivos
a little tiny wine company in Los Olivos Ca. From our plow to your porch. Family, Farming, Vineyards, Wine.

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Instagram Post
Today I am 41 - here are the 41 things I have learned. Continued --------- 30. Tell your friends that they “CAN DO IT” because inside they think they can’t, and they need you to show them that you love and believe in them. 31. Never let anyone mistake your Kindness for Weakness. 32. No one is looking at you, no one cares, You aren’t that important to other people. Get Over Yourself. Everyone feels alone. Everyone. Know this and adjust yourself. 33. There is no “fraud police” You are because you are doing it. 34. A job you hate destroys who you are. 35. Everyone wants you to do well, but not better than them. 36. Love it when your friends Win. Help them Win. Make them Win. 37. The mountains of the worst things you are going through are speed bumps as distance and time pass. 38. Eat shit and take the high road. But when it is time to Stop, and die on a hill be ready and go all the way. 39. Take a lot of photos - one day you are going to want to look back and smile. 40. Marry someone that makes you better, someone that won’t take your shit, someone that sees through you and into the best part of you that you wish you were. You will hurt this person, you will fight them, you will not see in yourself what they see in you, and you will resent them for it. You are wrong. Do not expect them to fix you. You need to look at them as a reminder of who you can be, and then crush yourself every chance you get to be weak with them. Then Do the Same for them, remind them why they are perfect, special, and show them how they are the greatest human you have ever known. Become closer over your failures and sow each other together. Support them and Cheer for them and help them Succeed, they would do it for you. 41. The only person you need to have permission from to be happy: is yourself. My wife and my friends taught me that on my 40th birthday ________________________________________________________ #saarloosandsons
700 | June 16, 2017
Instagram Post
This is the truth : Someone asked why have I been promoting tonight @silverlakewine and tomorrow @eversonroyce so hard. The truth is- without them and their then @matthewjkaner - there would not be a Saarloos and sons - full stop. They found us when we had one wine. A Syrah a 2003. - that was our first harvest. My life at that time was tough. I moved my wife and newborn to the valley, with no other goal than raising my kids there - there was no plan. It was just, I have to make this work. I would do anything to make a buck. There were a thousand times I said "I made a mistake, I'm a failure". it was as dark as it gets. There was a lot of crying and throwing up. --- @silverlakewine tried our wine and said "this is good, really really good" in one of the hardest times in my life Randy April and Matt were the spark of light. I owe them a lot. I brought a lot of wine, and I want to sell every bottle - I want it packed. - I want to say thank you. I don't forget people who help. I owe everyone of you who shows up -- you built this with me. -- I've been coming here every year since as a pilgrimage. --- when my son was born I remember looking at him in his crib and I said out loud "you father will not be a failure, your father will build something that can take care of every one we love" --- every year I think, assess, and work harder to be better than we were last year, better than I was last year. ---tonight, my wife is coming driving him down - just because I asked and she is incredible. He doesn't know why. I just want him to see it all. I want to make sure that the promises I make, I keep. He doesn't remember. But I do. I always do. Year 19 of 250. Be there - tonight or tomorrow. Thank you. -Keith. ---thank you @jefflipsky for the photo that defines me. Old vine and a kicker cane.
737 | July 13, 2017

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santamariasun.com pasowine.com sbseasons.com independent.com nightout.com grapecollective.com winebusiness.com winemag.com
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