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Creative Entrepreneur, @YouTube Certified Video Marketer, Speaker. Featured on @Forbes @entrepreneur @USAToday

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Supporting other artists and creatives means something to me, but not enough people are willing to do what it takes to not be a starving artist. But @zacdynes is. . . The ONLY reason I found him is because he worked for FREE doing artwork of someone we are both a fan of... @garyvee, who then put him on his #Instagram Story... which has me immediately commission Zac for 3 pieces of art... then 6... then refer him... then buy more.. . . People telling you not to work for exposure or work for free are not giving you good advice... . . It’s well intentioned... but incomplete advice... . . You don’t do FREE WORK for just anyone who ask. You don’t work for exposure that you wouldn’t buy as an ad... that’s the trick... . . You may have bills to pay, but you also probably understand a very hard truth about that... the market/client/employer doesn’t care... . . But here is the good news, when you do something like what Zac did, you get exposure you couldn’t afford to buy if you wanted to, and access. . . Exposure DOES PAY THE BILLS, that’s why people buy advertising, that is why people are on #YouTube. You have to be strategic about being in front of an affluent market and demonstrate a skill that they have demand for. . . Demonstrate higher value... being on the #IGStory of someone that people respect is a way to demonstrate higher value... and close clients. . . Building a body of work is one of the most important things you can do, the next most important thing, is to put that work in front of the right people... . . Learn to leverage exposure so people like me can buy from you... if we don’t know you, if we don’t see you, if we don’t know who else values you.... then you’re out... . . #sales #marketing #alwaysbeclosing #alwaysbecreating #realtalk #art #garyvee #realtalk #urbanart #freelance #hustling #inspiration #saturday
1,506 | November 24, 2018

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