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New York
THE MOST TALENTED KID IN THE MUSIC BIZ ! Known For My Historic Work With The Late Amy Winehouse & George Clinton/P-Funk
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#ThrowbackThursday #tbt Though I already was an accomplished dancer with a strong reputation for it, It was David Letterman's co-sign & acknowledgement of us as background singers/dancers that truly made me feel that I arrived as a dancer...A month later when we did the MTV Awards, Fergie Of The Black Eyed Peas was standing up in the audience doing our now historic choreography For him to ask Amy Winehouse "Who Are These Guys" said everything because in my years of watching the show, I NEVER heard him ask any artist about their background singers which means that we were killing shit on a level that wasnt seen before so yeah...After that, no one couldnt tell me nothing about my moves and it was vindication for all the years of jokes some haters would make or dudes that got mad and wanted to fight me after I burned their ass in a dance battle LOL Today was the day in 2011 that I was having a family reunion at my house and was preparing for a show that night only for my kids to come and tell me that Amy had died...I sang "Rehab" that night in honor of the woman who though I only knew for a short time, our deep music conversations and connections gave us a bond in the midst of her madness in which she looked out for me and believed in my talent when she didnt have to so I will continue to sing her praises & talk about the woman I got to know outside of the controversy Still Missing You...Love You Much Lioness...And Thanks To All The Fans Around The World Who Continue To Rep For Her....Your letters & comments never go unnoticed on my timeline Amy Winehouse (RIP) #AmyWinehouse #AmyWinehouseRIP #Funk #RockNRoll #SoulMusic #RealHipHop #HipHop #Singer #Rapper #Musician #Dancer #BackToBlack #LoveIsALosingGame #RnB #NeoSoul #DavidLetterman #Rehab #YouKnowImNoGood #Music #MarkRonson #AmyTheMovie #London #UK #Documentary
277 | July 24, 2015
I remember telling my mom at 12 years old that I was gonna meet him & become a part of the P-Funk army. Just goes to show you that dreams do come true. To be honest, it was Parliament's "Mothership Connection" album that saved me from going to jail by allowing me to go in my room and tune my stepfather out instead beating his ass. As most of my fans know, I have many influences & father figures in this business but I can truly say that it was him that inspired & influenced me the most to become the diverse artist I am today. I created Planet 12 in honor of him because like me, he refused to be boxed in musically & remained musically fearless & musically sick in the head throughout his 6 decade long career. It was through the Parliament & Funkadelic albums that I discovered who I truly was and what I wanted to do when people around me were telling me to do only one style of music. He gave me the courage to say "F*** THAT S*** !! I'M GONNA DO ALL STYLES OF MUSIC FROM HIP-HOP TO FUNK-ROCK" Outside of my legendary family, He was the first to believe in me & my talent upon hearing my demo and gave me the highest honor of inviting me to live and work for him in his home studio in Florida & gave me my first major music industry paycheck. I'm forever in debt and in service to this man who has been like my 2nd grandfather/dad to me all these years Happy Birthday To My Mentor...My Idol....The Innovative Godfather Of Funk...GEORGE CLINTON !! #PFunk #GeorgeClinton #Funkadelic #Parliament #HipHop #RealHipHop #SoulMusic #RnB #RedHotChiliPeppers #DrDre #SnoopDogg #MaggotBrain #OneNationUnderaGroove #2Pac #KendrickLamar #Legend #Icon #Pioneer #HeavyMetal #RockNRoll #NeoSoul #HappyBirthday #HappyBirthdayGeorgeClinton #BootsyCollins #BernieWorrell @adrianyounge @yolikegeorge @snoopdogg @gossipviv @chuckcreekmur @jackthriller #elementmusicNYC @mariannebennettelement
255 | July 22, 2015

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