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I hesitated to post this because it is not the typical “polished IG photo” that followers crave for. However, this is real life and I owe it to her to share her story. I was also encouraged by my highly respected colleagues who recognized the complexity of this case and the results that we achieved. This young woman had a major operation in which a tumor was removed from her hip and buttock. She then underwent reconstruction using a flap of skin and muscle from her abdomen. These surgeries were done by a talented group of general surgeons and reconstructive plastic surgeons and those “filled the hole” and saved her leg, but she was unhappy with the cosmetic outcome of the surgery. She came to us to see what could be done to improve her appearance. She underwent a complex surgery that included scar revisions, re-elevation and mobilization of the flap, liposuction, and fat grafting. She is shown 2 months after her surgery and while things are not perfect, the improvement is dramatic and really life-changing. She is more self-confident and looks more normal in clothes. And even better, is that her results will continue to improve over time and her scars will continue to fade. We are honored to be able to improve her life 🙏🏻. #beauty #plasticsurgery #reconstruction #nyc . . This is another reason why you should choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your cosmetic procedure. Even though I only perform cosmetic surgeries now, my extensive training in reconstructive surgery (which all Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have) allowed me to be able to do this “cosmetic” procedure. Since I performed many of these flap reconstructions in my training and early in my career, I have the skills to elevate and mobilize the flap without compromising the blood flow that can cause a catastrophic complication. It also took knowledge of the anatomy of the abdomen, hip, pelvis, and leg to perform this “cosmetic” procedure. Only 6-8 years of surgical training in an accredited plastic surgery residency program can prepare you for a case like this. 👍🏼
4,813 | July 19, 2018

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