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Nicole Antoinette Social Profile

Nicole Antoinette

Host of the Real Talk Radio podcast (Season 13 coming Dec 22) // I believe: black lives matter, women's rights are human rights, science is real, & love is love

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New ink
957 | July 1, 2017
Instagram Post
Day 4: Highest mileage day of my life/why is this the second year in a row that I've messed up the National Park camping restriction boundary thing/holy fuck the Grand Canyon ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ So, okay. First let me say that I haven't slept since the night before I left for this hike, and even that was restless due to pre-hike anxiety and excitement, so the delirium today is real. But I spent the early morning hours hiking through frosty aspen groves, ground blanketed in their fallen autumn leaves, and I crossed through wide open spaces completely alone, feeling like the only person on the entire earth, frolicking through meadows on some serious Sound of Music shit, and then I made a friend! There's another thru-hiker out here! We lost each other with our respective lunch breaks though, and after about 13 miles my headache and crippling exhaustion had me wondering how far I could even go today. I basically just kept laying down right by the trail like the full-on hiker trash that I now am. But at 1:15pm I reached a big sign for the boundary of Grand Canyon National Park, informing me that you cannot camp within its boundaries without a permit - otherwise $500 fine or 6 months in jail or both. OR BOTH. I had hiked 14.6 miles by that point already, I was just above 9,000ft, and the wind was whipping through the cold, exposed, rocky area of the boundary line. I put on all my layers, sat on the ground, almost cried, and went over my options. Risk the fine/jail? No. Camp here? No, way too cold/elevation headache/just no. Turn back a few miles to camp? Fuck no. So... keep hiking? And make this a 27.3 mile day? The most I will have ever hiked in my life? Welp, time to go into beast mode. Caffeinated nuun + strip off all the warm layers + hair in pigtail braids + hipbelt pockets stuffed with snacks + Girl Talk in my headphones and GO. Flew down the trail for four hours and made it to the North Rim Campground minutes before sunset with more endorphins than I even knew existed. Grand Canyyyyyon! Every part of me is sore/remember when my knees felt like knees/I CAN DO HARD THINGS/thank you endlessly for all of your kind comments and support so far
895 | September 29, 2017

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lifelessbullshit.com oiselle.com yesandyes.org levo.com running.competitor.com runnersworld.com zenhabits.net themuse.com
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