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Natalie Norton Social Profile

Natalie Norton

United States
Author, speaker, coach. Currently: on day 95 of living out of a car, crossing the USA!

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Instagram Post
On Monday evening, our ten year old son, Lincoln, was hit by a compact SUV and has been in a medically induced coma in the ICU ever since. The internal injuries are too many to list here in their totality, but the pooling blood around his heart, "cracked" liver and a punctured lung are currently the most significant to report. He will require reconstructive surgery to his face, including a skin graft (currently scheduled for Friday morning), and his entire body is covered in road rash, bruises and lacerations. This has been every parent's worst nightmare from start to finish. At this point, the biggest miracle is that there doesn't seem to be any neurological damage. I'm sobbing writing those words. My sweet, courageous, brilliant baby's brain seems to have miraculously suffered little more than a moderate concussion. GOD IS SO GOOD. There is so much more to report, and I'll do so slowly as time and emotional capacity permit. We currently aren't able to accommodate visitors, though we love you all so much for wanting to pour your love on us. We can feel it from afar, and we are so GRATEFUL! At this point what we need more than anything is your prayers for his comfort, courage and healing. Please tag your friends below to join us in prayer for our boy. Thank you, we love you. We testify that God is real and his angels surround us in abundance in our times of greatest need. #prayforlincolnjo. (Also, happy birthday today, @richie_norton. Our boy is not dead. What greater gift could we possibly ask for?!)
4,558 | August 2, 2017
Instagram Post
My son is a miracle. I see that. I feel that. I know it to be true. And when I read comments like, "God is so good!" or "God hears and answers!" I nod my head in emphatic agreement. But.... many of you remember several years ago when another little Norton boy lay in a hospital bed. His body was bruised and broken in different ways, but he was on the precipice of death, just the same. And we prayed. Oh, how we all prayed! And for weeks, I couldn't touch or hold that little boy, just like little Lincoln, and my heart broke watching him, lying there in pain, his mother, inherently sworn to love and protect him from the cruel world, helpless to offer comfort or relief. And then, one night, they placed that little boy in my arms. I held him tight, kissed his sweet cheeks... and felt the final beats of his heart. So if God is good for saving Lincoln, was he not good for letting Gavin die? If he heard our prayers and healed our Lincoln, did our prayers for Gavin fall on deaf ears? There are different kinds of miracles, friends. And part of loving and trusting God is recognizing the particular brand of miracle you're receiving, because God is always good, and the miracle is always there. See, today, Lincoln is the miracle. But all those years ago...I lost my son. I suffered the unimaginable—the pain, the torment of it, tore me down to ashes, and exposed me to a darkness and pain I couldn't have imagined before. But I lived. I learned. I grew. I came to know and love God in new ways, and I came to tangibly experience His love for ME through experiences I can't possibly describe. So yes, Lincoln is our family's miracle, today. And all those years ago, our family's miracle was me. And God is good, all the time. #prayforlincolnjo
5,296 | August 24, 2017
Instagram Post
I'm Natalie.
4,139 | September 12, 2017

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