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Mike Germano Social Profile

Mike Germano

New York
Chief Digital Officer at @VICE / CEO of @Carrot . Brooklyn Husband & Dad. Board Member & Angel Investor in those who hustle. Co-Owner of @ForninoPizza .

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67 /100
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Digital, CEO, Investors
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United States
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Instagram Post
Hey Sloane, Someday you will look at my Instagram and not see any pictures of our family celebrating Easter, the Yankees home opener, or most importantly your 2nd birthday party yesterday. Hopefully, you will have forgotten this summer. As I write this, you are currently in the hospital for a third week after being diagnosed with a rare disorder called Guillain Barre that has attacked your nervous system. It has taken your ability to stand, so you are sitting in your bed. Your throat is not strong enough to eat, so you have a feeding tube. None of this has made you any less beautiful. You still have more then a month before you can come home. While I am scared, I wanted to share with you the moment I knew you could fight this and anything the world threw at you. Several doctors stopped over to exam your movement ability. They asked you to move your arms and your legs. You sat there motionless, staring at them in anger. They took a stuffed bunny rabbit and held it a foot above your body, asking you to reach for it. No matter what the doctors said or did, you didn't move. Concerned, the doctors started scribbling notes, and the lead doctor put the rabbit down in your bed. Painfully, you turned your body and, unable to use your hands, you used your arms to grab the bunny and drag it over your body to the other side of the bed where the railing was down. You pushed and pushed until the bunny reached the edge. At one point the Dr. wanted to stop you but I told them not to interfere. You moved your little foot up to kick the bunny off the bed. You then looked straight into the doctor’s eyes and didn't look away. I busted out laughing and gave you a big kiss. You had a look of a fighter in your eyes that I will never forget. I felt like your boxing coach cheering ringside. Life will be filled with many battles, big and small, seen and unseen. And a day will come when I will not be there offering advice or celebrating your victory or commiserating your defeats. I just want you to remember that you can always get back up on your feet no matter what happens. Your mom @angrygirlfriend and I are so proud of our little Warrior. #4mykids #fightlikeagirl
283 | April 26, 2017

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contently.com digiday.com on.tcrn.ch m.fastcompany.com Fortune.com firstround.com recode.net adweek.com
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