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Me Ra Koh Social Profile

Me Ra Koh

The Photo Mom, Disney Jr host Capture Your Story, Best Selling Author, Sony Artisan of Imagery, CONFIDENCE Photography Wkshps 4 Women! Believer of Impossibles

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63 /100
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Photographers, Moms, Mothers
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United States
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Me Ra Koh's Top Content

My word for 2017 is DEFY! I'm going to defy all the voices of fear and doubt that haunt me. I'm going to break through glass walls and ceilings that have held me back for to long. I'm going to stop wasting energy on whether my process looks pretty and presentable and SCREAM for freedom's sake. I need to scream! I need to get angry about being pulled down, weighed down, bogged down by all the false expectations I can never meet. I'm going to let the muddy waters fall, as I press my white fingertips through to the breaking point. To the other side. All the old lies that like to spook me, I will set my spirit to defy. All my fears of rejection, I will stop hiding from--wishing them away. All my fears of failure...how will I know if I never try? And when I scream, when the deepest part of my soul awakes, I have a feeling joy will meet me. But first, I must choose to defy. - To my dear friend @brookeshaden thank you for photographing/creating my self portrait that isn't based on being acceptable but what is necessary and real. You heard my heart and captured it beyond words. I'm so thankful for you and forever inspired by your work. (You and I both know how gross that water may have been. LOL!) ❤ - And if I had to choose a theme song for 2017, without question "Defying Gravity" from Broadway's Wicked. Most AWE-mazing song. "I'm through accepting limits because someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but until I try, I'll never know." - Cheers everyone to 2017, launching our YT channel, Adventure Family, and defying gravity! What's your word for 2017? How would you photograph it?
283 | January 2, 2017
Merry Christmas Everyone! ❤
253 | December 26, 2016
I woke up to the most unreal post from my 15 yr old daughter, Pascaline. It makes me think of all the years I worried about being both a mom with little ones and a working artist. Was I being selfish to try and cultivate both? Was the travel and time my work took, hurting my kids? Were the financial ups and down irresponsible? Doubt mixed with fear, for every step, as you pray you're not in left field. And then to be surprised by this today... This mama is speechless. Beyond thankful. - #Reposting @pascalinejosette There's a lot of things I'm thankful for this year. Incredible and creative friends, unbelievably loyal family, how much my photography has blossomed. But I'm especially thankful for this resplendent and awe-inspiring woman. There's a special moment in life when one is able to separate the term "parent" from their mom or dad and realize that they are also the stronger and wiser person. Someone who has walked through the deepest and darkest unknowns and yet lives the most beautiful and inspiring life I've ever known. I had the pleasure to travel coast to coast with my mom in October, watching her give keynotes to over a thousand photographers and teach packed out classes at some of the biggest photography trade shows and conferences of the year. I got to see masters that were at the top of their industry look and talk to her with respect admiration. I've always thought the world of my mom, but this last month I've really gotten to see her as the professional and master who climbed the ladders of countless industries. There's nothing better than watching your mom inspire hundreds of people, seeing her at the stage she worked so hard for, and feel so immensely proud. Happy thanksgiving everyone and thank you mom for being the world changer and dream builder you are!
237 | November 25, 2016

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