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Jimmy Moore Social Profile

Jimmy Moore

Int'l bestselling author #KetogenicCookbook #KetoClarity #CholesterolClarity #CompleteGuideToFasting #keto #lowcarb #highfat #fasting #selflove #entrepreneur

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Instagram Post
I feel like I address this issue about my weight often, but after this Facebook message today it seems I should take another stab at it. Yes, I currently weigh more than I'd like. No, this doesn't mean #keto & #fasting don't work anymore. It's all a work in progress. Kindness & compassion can go a long way in understanding this better. * * Honestly, I should be dead like my brother Kevin right now but by the grace of God I'm still alive and thriving. For someone like me with significant #insulinresistance, it's so much more difficult to manage my weight compared with others. Despite the challenges, I've still kept off over 100 pounds from my high weight of 410 pounds in 2004 which is a sign I'm much healthier now despite the extra weight. * * Interestingly, my legs are very muscular and my arms are normal, too. The extra body fat is almost exclusively in the midsection of my body which is a very clear indication of IR. I'm continuing to plug away at this and encourage people who think I should look perfect to show some compassion and walk a mile in my shoes. * * By the way, it would be very easy for me to hide behind a podcast microphone and never go out in public. But I don't. I have speaking gigs and appearances galore and nobody seems to be bothered by my weight. In fact, the photo I shared here in this post was from my talk in Ottawa, Ontario Canada this past weekend and I even addressed my weight from the stage. See, I'm not hiding from it...I embrace it! * This is my story and it's always going to be a work in progress. And I'm okay with that no matter how judgmental others may be. That's their problem, not mine. I will always be authentically Jimmy Moore 24/7/365 with no apologies for it. It's part of why people connect with me and my work. * * There are so many fakers out there in the diet and health world--and that's something I'll NEVER be. What you see is what you get. If someone chooses not to enjoy the information I share in my books, podcast, lectures, or blogs, then that's okay. You can move on with your life and follow someone else. But for the rest of my faithful followers, I will NEVER stop sharing! That's my promise to you forever and always.
621 | January 30, 2017
Instagram Post
The long nightmare witch hunt that Professor Tim Noakes has had to endure in a South African courtroom is now mercifully over--Verdict: NOT GUILTY! * * This #lowcarb #highfat diet proponent and Real Meal Revolution author had been in and out of court since The Association of Dietetics there filed a complaint with the Health Professions Council over a tweet Noakes made about weaning a baby onto an LCHF nutritional approach. Anyone who had been following this story realizes this was a personal vendetta against Noakes who is deeply revered in South Africa for his promotion of the life-changing low-carb, high-fat #Banting diet. * * The HPCSA announced today that they found no proof of unprofessional conduct by Noakes for that advice requested by a breastfeeding mother on Twitter. They ruled Noakes was not acting as a medical professional but as the author of a book on LCHF instead. When the verdict of this trial came down, Prof. Noakes raised his fist in the air before breaking down holding his head in his hands. * * All of us in the #ketogenic community owe this great man a huge debt of gratitude for his courage to stand up for what is right. We're at a crossroads right now in the #nutrition debate where people are finally doubting the veracity of the failed #lowfat diet approach. Hopefully this verdict empowers and reinvigorates others to speak out even stronger in favor of a diet that greatly improves health through the lowering of inflammation and insulin levels. * * THANK YOU PROF. NOAKES! #keto #health #healthy
700 | April 21, 2017

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