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Marie Social Profile
"Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love" -Rumi

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CEO, Music, Producers
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United States
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I had to quit sports by my sophomore year of high school because my headaches began to consume me. At that time I had no idea why I was always sick. Loud noises and bright lights impacted me severely. I was unable to interact with my friends the way I wanted to because I never physically felt good. Doctors continued to tell me I was experiencing migraines and not to worry. By my senior year of high school I knew that these sharp pains could not just be headaches! I came home from school one day and insisted to my mom that I want a "brain scan". After the doctors assured me over, and over that they were sure I was fine, my results came back that there was in fact something developing in my brain. _______________________ My senior year of high school was complete chaos. The next day when we went into the hospital I found out I had a brain tumor in my cerebellum and severe fluid build up that was pushing my body to go into seizures. 30 minutes after I found all this out I also found out my boyfriend at the time had an entire other girlfriend. My parents could barely get along at the time let alone hold a conversation without being rude to one another, my grades were poor, and I was so angry, sad and suicidal! I just remember brushing majority of my emotions off because I was so numb! _______________________ I say all this as a survivor, not of that brain tumor but a survivor of life and love! That tumor was something I believe I co-created due to all the anger and resentment I harbored for my loved ones. I wasn't saved from a tumor, that tumor saved me from myself, it provided me with clarity and a choice. I had a choice to continue living the way I was or wake up and make a different choice. Medicine and surgery helped the tumor but healing's, my higher power, changing my thoughts, and loving myself shifted my life and existence. I had to heal all aspects of myself which made me a survivor of myself. That tumor showed me my true strength and courage. I could finally take back control of my life. ______________________ After my surgery in March 2007 I began reaching out to the people I had hurt, attacked, wronged etc and apologized I began to help build....
16,333 | March 23, 2017
Instagram Post
Saturdaysss in Mexico
1,779 | March 11, 2017
Instagram Post
Full of love
1,609 | March 30, 2017
Instagram Post
Stay warm
1,183 | December 9, 2016
Instagram Post
1,064 | May 23, 2017

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United States
United Kingdom
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schweinbeck.com mysticsent.com M1uRadio.com hiphopsince1987.com getmybuzzup.com xONecole.com Preciseearz.com thebezonnian18.blogspot.com
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