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Head Coach of @runlittlewing. Writer swimming in the riptide of stories. Founder @pickybars @wilderrunning. Former world class runner. @oiselle @stance

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No thank you to unsolicited advice about my form. No thank you to you policing my cursing. No thank you to logistics talk during dinner. No thank you to the sales clerk trying to talk my son out of the turquoise sparkle shoes he picked out. No thank you to undervaluing childcare. No thank you to your dog off-leash approaching me on cliff-side running trails. No thank you to this fucking embarrassment of a President. No thank you to school shooting preparation drills for kindergarteners. No thank you to picking my brain for help with your real food energy bar business idea. No thank you to minimizing my symptoms, or my experiences. No thank you to adults who don’t believe victims of abuse. No thank you to your generalization of dumb jocks. No thank you to getting extra credit for being good at ______ “for an athlete”. No thank you to ever wearing high heals again. No thank you to the dermatologist who pitched me on age reversal products. No thank you to food as reward, and exercise as punishment. No thank you to sugar shaming. No thank you to the cheating fuckers in sport who never get caught. No thank you to withholding empathy from people who do bad things and show remorse. No thank you to sexual binaries. No thank you to false equivalency. No thank you to letting racist or sexist or ageist or ableist comments slide. No thank you to Facebook. No thank you to influencer posts in exchange for free products. No thank you to praising the husband for “helping” with Parenting. No thank you to having it all. No thank you for your approval. . . . Thanks @zenpeacekeeper and @lauriewagner for the writing prompt. And thanks @oiselle for making the timely reminder wearable. We’ve got work to do in this world. Can’t do it if we’re afraid of the word no. . Link 👆🏼. . Give it a shot. It feels fucking amazing. 5 minute writing prompt: “no thank you...” GO! #nothankyouprompt
9,644 | July 20, 2018
Instagram Post
For Immediate Release: Newborn Baby Refuses to Be Possible Excuse for Father’s Poor Ironman Kona Performance . Even though during his wife Lauren’s entire pregnancy Jesse Thomas insisted he was “totally fine” being inconvenienced by the inevitable birth of their daughter around his Ironman World Championships, the daughter - Zadie Franklin Thomas - absolutely refused to inconvenience him in any way, shape, or form. In doing so, Zadie denied Jesse all of the many believable excuses he would have had for a bad race at Kona. “I’ll be honest,” Jesse reflected, “I was sure I’d be able to have a newborn baby excuse of some kind for when going got tough. You know, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t train, but she gave me absolutely nothing. I mean, if I suck at Kona now, it’s pretty much my fault.” . Under doctor recommendation and fearing Jesse would miss the birth, Lauren was induced seven days early (six days before IM Kona), on a Sunday morning. Jesse had booked multiple flights to Kona this week in the probable scenario things didn’t go perfectly according to plan. But Zadie was born without incident just 11 hours later (6:12pm), which allowed plenty of time for Jesse to bond, relax, eat, and support Lauren, while still maintaining a reasonable Ironman bedtime of 9:31pm. “I really wanted to support Jesse in his Ironman. But you can bet your ass Zadie and I have have no interest in being his excuse for a $h!tcan race. If he blows it, it’s on him, now!” Lauren ironically said after being early for the first time for anything in her entire life. . It is clear that the 7lb 9oz, 20.5 inch girl would not allow dad to pull the “baby card” when going gets tough on Saturday, even though it would have been a great card to pull. Both mom and dad are super duper stoked that she arrived healthy and happy, and her older brother Jude (4) was equally stoked and amazed at “how teeny tiny she is!” Jesse is now off to Kona with the support of his mom and stepdad, while Lauren will stay in Bend with the support of her mom, friend Sarah, brother in law and sister in law. They wish to thank all of their family and friends for the support during this pregnancy and beyond. Happy times!
7,723 | October 9, 2017

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