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Katie Dillon

San Diego
Lifestyle & luxury travel writer, ex-expat (London/Hong Kong), mom, wine lover, San Diego editor @10best, Writer - Four Seasons Magazine http://instagram.com/lajollamom

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On Thursday, I took him to the vet and he never came home. Yesterday, I finally looked into what happened. I'll write about our experience soon but there's cancer called hemangiosarcoma, nearly exclusive to dogs, that develops without symptoms. You (and the dog) likely won't know it's there until it's too late. . The "good" news is that symptoms often appear hours before the end. The bad news is that it hits the family like a bullet train. . My husband, who has been brilliantly holding down the fort, reminds me that once we rescued Scooby, he lived his best life. He was my perfect puzzle piece. He chose us, actually. My then-4-year-old-daughter and I met with many, many rescues of all breeds and sizes. He made a beeline for her and started licking her face off. She giggled like crazy. He was the one and they were buddies for 7.5 years after (I argue not enough time). . Adopting a rescue dog, especially a pit bull isn't without challenges (some we learned the hard way). But, he was perfect for us. . He hated rain, belts (having been abused), motorcycles, crows (so scary), fireworks, cherry tomatoes, the ocean (challenging for La Jolla), chaos, and being more than a few inches away from a human at all times. . He was loved by brands. I let many use his photos well below rates I'd normally charge (and sometimes for free) because he's an advocate for his breed. They liked that he was a photogenic, outside-the-box dog living with a "normal" family. I wrote about his issues (TPLO surgery, allergies, and even toys) that other pet owners still thank me by email for. He's saved other lives, I'm told. . Soon, I'll tell you more about our experience with hemangiosarcoma so that you'll know what to look for. It affects 1 out of 5 Golden Retrievers, to give you an idea of how common it is. . I'll post more photos in my stories. If we ever get another dog, he or she will be a pit bull rescue. No question. Rest in peace my handsome boy @scoobydillon. 🐶❤️ . #velcrodog #pitbullsofinstagram
4,860 | May 21, 2019

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