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Kino MacGregor Social Profile

Kino MacGregor

Miami Beach
Author, Yogi, Beachbum. Founder of @omstarsyoga - the yoga TV network and co-founder of Miami Life Center. Find me @kinoyoga on IG/FB/YouTube

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Instagram Post
For the last twenty years I have made the choice to practice six days a week. I practiced when I was feeling great, and also when I was feeling awful, or sick, healthy, strong, weak, injured, happy, sad, angry, anxious, bored, and everything in between. But practice, I have done consistently, without break. Some people call me disciplined, devoted and determined. But I consider it an act of kindness that I choose the practice. _ I’m a nicer person when I practice, both to myself and others. I think kinder thoughts, say kinder things and engage in kinder acts. Somewhere in every practice is a door that leads to peace. It’s magical, sacred and holy. My practice is a space of listening and worship, and, even on the days it’s difficult, there is an element of transcendence, a kind of movement beyond the physical into the realm of spirit. I leave every practice changed, just a little bit. To me, this isn’t discipline, but more like a ritual of love. _ Until you see that choosing the practice is an act of kindness you’ll always rebel against the monotony of it. Unless you see how the art of yoga is an act of compassion towards yourself you’ll feel like it’s just another dogma to force yourself into. _ The practice is where I go to drink from the source, a deep inexhaustible source of the purest energy. Of course, I want to return to that altar every chance I get. Wouldn’t you? _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime 🙏 @alladalewildernessreserve
40,024 | September 13, 2018
Instagram Post
Scars on full display. No editing, no fancy photoshop. Just me embracing who I am made up of all the steps I’ve taken through the fire. _ Too often we throw people out because they’ve made a mistake, because they didn’t get it right. Too often we judge ourselves harshly for not getting it right the first time, for not being perfect on the path. But, there is no dress rehearsal for life, it’s all happening now in real time. We don’t get a practice run or a do-over. We aren’t like single-use plastic containers that serve their purpose and get tossed out. We are each valuable beings here to learn and grow. Each of our evolution matters, but we won’t get there if we don’t make space for mistakes, for stumbles, for faults and flaws and scars. Instead of hiding being a plastic perfect veneer, perhaps what we need to see is the beauty of imperfection, in ourselves and in our world. There is no us and them, there is only us, us human beings, doing the best we can. _ There is a story for every scar, a birthmark for the new self, born from pain, rising up and healing. Stop cowering in fear of rejection, stand up for who you are, proud of every scar whose mottled threads contain the magic of transformation, rebirth and renewal. Let your body tell the love story that starts when you look in the mirror and say, “Hey beauty, I see you shining back at me.”. _ Set yourself free. Love unlocks all the barriers, but it has to start with a soulful embrace of yourself. Flaunt your insecurities, show the world your humanity in an unconditional, relentless embrace of all that is. This is the revolution, the war of the world that ends by making peace in your own heart. _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo @ifilmyoga 🙏
35,437 | December 28, 2018
Instagram Post
I fell out of this pose every day for nearly two full years before it started happening. I remember being so frustrated one day that I tried Pinchamayurasana close to 20 times right in a row. It got worse and worse after the first three tries. I have a rule I work with now—three tries maximum per day per pose. Then, let it go. Like baseball, three strikes and you’re out. Live to practice another day and embrace the process over the goal. Surrender to what is. _ Strength is not something that comes easily for me, not physical or emotional. But it is something I have learned. And you know what, I truly believe that you can learn to be strong too. All you need to do is put in the work little by little and you will find yourself making immense progress on every plane. It’s not about attaining the perfect pose or measuring your success as a yogi by how long you a handstand. It’s about what the journey has to teach you. _ What I’ve learned along my journey to strength is how to believe in myself, how to have faith in the impossible and how to never give up. What you learn is unique to your path. It is a vital contribution to the world. _ I’ve also learned that no pose will make you happy and no pose will prove your worthiness. You either learn to be happy where you are and enjoy the journey or you’ll bring your misery with you into your next pose. You’re either whole and complete now as you are or you’ll use asana as another false idol to worship and as armor for the ego. _ It’s about practice because the continuity and discipline it takes to come back to your mat for decades reveals your natural state of joy, like a diamond being polished so that it shines and dances with light. _ Amazing day of teaching in Mumbai @truebayindiayoga Enjoying every moment of this incredible city. Photo @timfeldmannyoga Staying @tajlandsend 🙏
35,017 | February 2, 2019

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