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Khaya Dlanga Social Profile

Khaya Dlanga

South Africa
Leader of the People's Army Against Typo Nazis. Author of To Quote Myself. Alan Paton Prize Shortlist for literature. Marketeer. Never eats black jelly babies.

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This is Karabo. She was found dead after she had been missing for two weeks. Her body had been burnt too. She was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend. She won't be the only woman to have died at the hands of her partner whether it was two weeks ago, a week ago or a day ago because 50% of murdered women are killed by someone they have an intimate relationship with. This makes her one of the women who are killed every 8 hours; meaning South Africa has the highest rate of women murdered by their partner in the world. Femicide, murder of women by an intimate partner, is the leading cause of murder of women. They are least safe with those they are intimate with. In fact, 50% of them have reported being abused by their partner. That's one in two. The woman next to you now is either being abused or has been abused. We have to admit that as men we are the violence that women face everyday and stop this defensive, "But I don't do it." The structure of society is also at the core. When she is being abused by her husband, the advise she gets from family is, "Nyamezela." Nyamezela until what? Murder? When a woman reports abuse she has to go to a police station. She mostly has to report her case to a man. A man who might refuse to open a case and tell her to resolve issues with her man. Station commanders are men. Judges are men. Lawmakers are men. Some of them are themselves abusive and see it as a family issue and not a legal one. How are women to feel safe when the structures themselves are set up the way they are? When women are beaten, people also ask, "What did you do?" Basically she deserved it somehow because he would not do it without reason. Promotion of violence against women. If she is raped, "Why was she dressed like that?" "Why was she drunk?" "Why did she go there?" Is it any wonder then that so many woman keep the violence against themselves to themselves because we blame them? Why do we shame the victim? Victim shaming needs to stop immediately.
7,065 | May 11, 2017

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