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Khairun Nisa Social Profile

Khairun Nisa

Sustainability Professional | Chevening Scholar | LSE MSc Environment and Development | Social entrepreneur in the zero waste and equal employment sector

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Instagram Post
2016 was about me. (Risking a bit of a backlash, because evidently from a previous post and past experiences, when you're a spouse and parent, life should never be just about you). But after struggling with that narrative for the past 5 years, I refuse to believe that I can be reduced to just a wife and a mother. I am more than that. I am a student. I am a teacher. I am a believer. I am a leader. I am a truth seeker (yeah, thanks The Script). I am an agent of change. A writer. An activist. An artist. I am a planner and a hostess. A traveler. An entrepreneur. An investor. A story-teller. A visionary. I feel and I hurt. I love and I conquer. 2016 was about me. It has seen the highs of highs and the lows of lows. A wonderful year in London making lots of new friendships, seeing lots of new places, enjoying lots of new experiences and blazing through adventure after adventure. Things weren't all good but they were all worth learning from. Looking inwardly, the year had been challenging and self-fulfilling. I shattered glass ceilings (that #solomumbackpacking in Europe was unbelievably empowering) and then dug in my heels for more (starting a Masters at the LSE after 4 years of being a stay-at-home parent)! The road was rocky, long and winding but the returns outweighed any roadblock. I learned more about myself this year than I ever have before. Segue: In retrospect, it was a big year educationally not just for me, but for our family, with Max receiving his Masters degree, Aidan starting primary school and Aria starting at kindergarten. But 2016 was about me. Which is why this is a picture of me, for once. Not Max's wife, not Aidan and Aria's mum. And that I, (your friend, your sister, your lover, your daughter, your classmate, your colleague) am wishing you a wonderful and rewarding New Year. 2017, I seek love and light, not a slow burn like I was satisfied with before but a burst of fireworks metaphorically as explosive as the ones we set off to welcome the new year. I hope you take me there ❤️ #london2016
71 | January 1, 2017
Instagram Post
My mom meltdown tonight wasn't pretty. Single parenting is hard, especially for extended periods and during the holidays. Coming into the third week, we're all feeling the strain. I think the consensus is this: children are challenging, regardless of age, regardless of number, regardless of gender, regardless of what kind support network you have. And parents almost always, never have all the answers. Parenting alone is extra hard because it means having to be on the ball every minute of every day. It means you have to show a strong front all the time. Run the household, provide meals, entertain, stimulate, dress, clean up after, soothe. When I single parent, I can't work and I can't study. Most days, I run on zero. I look at my kids and feel bad for them because they don't have a choice, they're stuck with me. I wish I could do better but with the two of them so small still, with so much to do for them, it's all I can do to keep it together. There's always a new need, something new to learn, something new to teach, a new milestone reached, a new quirk needing coaching. They move faster than I can keep up. I hope the lesson today is that no matter what, when the going gets tough, that they have each other. Their own two-person siblings-only club. As they came into my bedroom armed with apologies hours after resisting sleep and playing through the night, surely they know this. I'm sorry guys, I love you to bits and I hate that despite the days you see me at my best, there are days where you also have to see me at my worst. I promise I'll try harder tomorrow. #3yo #4yo #letterstomychildren #london2016
64 | December 26, 2016
Instagram Post
Proud to be #goodenoughcollege 's Bright Futures featured family for 2016/2017! We received the Family Scholarship last year which was the deciding factor for us to choose to stay in Central London despite the premium. The Chevening Award only covered a single student which made it challenging when we came with family. The College sounded like a dream - the promise of a built-in community, the most coveted kind of social support system, well-thought out facilities for big and little learners and best enough, central enough within London's education hub to walk to class! Receiving the scholarship made the decision easier but we had no idea how valuable it was until we moved in. The year has exceeded all our expectations. Max's short commute frees up his time to have evenings and meals with the family; the kids attend one of the top nurseries in the country just next door and I keep busy with the Members Council and the Parents Club while gearing up towards starting my Masters in September. We were able to afford it this year, thanks to Max's salary. But we worried about what will happen when he finished and I start, him no longer be a student, starting unpaid leave and the massive financial strain on our family. Then, last week we received news that we were named recipients of the Bright Futures Fund, the College's bursary - with enough to nearly cover our entire shortfall for rent. Suffice to say, we were ecstatic! It's been such an amazing year here and this meant we get to have another one. It's been a joy to see the kids hit big milestones here while Max and I pursued demanding degrees at some of the world's best universities. The College's clubs and societies' subsidized activities opened up London city in ways we would never have seen otherwise. Most of all, it seems that the College has picked the brightest, most dynamic and diverse crop of students to live on the Square, putting us up with like-minded individuals who we know we will remain firmly friends for life. Choosing #goodenoughcollege was the best decision we could've made for our family and we're grateful every day for the privilege of this experience. #london2016 #2yo #4yo
60 | July 24, 2016

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