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Jaleel Shaw Social Profile

Jaleel Shaw

United States
Saxophonist, Composer. Changu Records. For booking inquiries contact: For all other info contact

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Composers, Jazz, Music
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Instagram Post
Posted this a little while ago and have been meaning to post this here. There are still some great labels out there, but there are also some pretty lame ones. If you don’t have a decent deal in front of you and you’re ready to record.... Its not a bad idea to do it yourself... Especially while your music is fresh. I put my last two records out myself and had great experience and learned a lot doing both. Here are some thoughts and benefits of doing so •• 1.) Releasing your own project gives you a little more insight into what goes into releasing an album, especially in terms of marketing/publicity and royalties.. and especially in these days of digital distribution. Some labels aren’t very forthcoming/honest about how much you’ve made. •• 2.) It also gives you an idea of what to look for/ask for when it comes time to sign with a label. Is that label going to promote/market you? It's great to be affiliated with a label.. but if that label doesn't promote you... No bueno.. •• 3.) It's important to know that there are quite a few labels out here today that are simply building a catalogue.. So more than developing a few artists & helping them with a lot of promotion, and marketing, they're signing a bunch of artists & not doing much past that. •• 4.) Owning your own masters is an investment. Just like those labels build their catalogues, you can build your own & and see what goes on in the background. You'll also be taking part in every aspect of documenting where you are in your career, which is great. •• 5.) You may say "There's no way I can afford to do this.. Pay musicians? Pay for studio time? Pay for mixing, mastering, art work, manufacturing, promotion??".. but there are ways to make all of this a little easier. For one. If you don't think you'll be able to pay the musicians what they deserve, try bartering, or trading. Offer to play for free on someones record if they play on yours. Or, ask them if they'd be ok with you agreeing on a payment plan where the payment can be made over time. You’d be surprised to know a lot of huge artists have done recordings as favors. I have more ideas, but That’s it for now #independentartist #musicindustry #musician
864 | July 8, 2018

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United States
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