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Britt Nicole

New album BRITT NICOLE out now!

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Instagram Post
20,068 | May 29, 2017
Instagram Post
Where is Your Faith? This is the question I was faced with when I opened my word for some quiet time with God tonight. Sometimes you open the word and feel encouraged, other times, you feel challenged. I have allowed FEAR to have a place in my heart and mind for a lot of my life. What if this, what if that, on, and on, these questions and fears are raised in my mind. Then I hear Holy Spirit say, “Spend time with me,” and then he ask me, “Where is your faith?” Whoa! I realize I’m living like I don’t have ANY. I’m living as though I have to take care of everything, as though I have to have a plan, like I have to have it all figured out. All the focus is on ME, not on the ONE who always, always takes care of me. The fear of something going wrong makes me feel like I have to do it all, but really I prob just need to go to sleep like Jesus did in Luke 8:22-25. :) There was a Storm. Jesus was sleeping. The disciples were afraid. They woke Jesus. Jesus REBUKED, took authority, over the wind and the waves...AND THEN THERE WAS CALM. I love how that is written, “And then there was calm.” Who wants calm? Who wants peace? Who needs to be sleeping like Jesus instead of fearing like the disciples? Jesus asked the disciples, “Where is your faith?” Don’t let Fear steal any more of your life. You only get to live this life once. Fear will rob you of sweet moments that God has for you, your marriage, your family, your career. Faith will take you on a really fun adventure into the unknown. Trust in Jesus and Have Faith. If I look back over my life, God has NEVER failed me. So I can take courage, and look forward to all that He has planned. Instead of walking around like the disciples saying “we are perishing,” let’s say, we are alive and we KNOW WHO HOLDS IT ALL. Let’s Have REAL, CRAZY, ADVENTUROUS, DARING, FAITH. “Where is your faith?“ Are you sleeping or living life afraid? #andthentherewascalm #eventhewindandthewavesobeyhim
19,813 | November 26, 2017

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