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Los Angeles
My New Music RIGHTEOUS/RATCHET is now available http://smarturl.it/HumbleRR

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I can't force people to care about the #DakotaAccessPipeline, especially on a day like American #thanksgiving.. it's a tough sell. When my parents moved to Canada, they had no idea the history of North America, they didn't know about Aboriginals and their beautiful way of life, and what the Europeans did to take that life and their land away. Hundreds of years later, the Sioux People are protesting the construction of an oil pipeline that threatens the quality of their drinking water in #Dakota. I could write paragraphs on the topic, but those will go unread, because again, I can't make people care. The culture on this part of the world (and unfortunately it's spreading) is that everyone looks out for themselves and their interests... if the people affected by a cause don't look, act, or believe like us... then f*ck'em. This is also a wave I can't fight, and an Instagram post about this issue will do very little to impact the fact that oil corporations have hired a government/police to beat the sh*t out of people for protecting their ability to have clean drinking water. So today, as everyone celebrates a day with a sh*tty backstory re-appropriated to be about promoting appreciation and gratitude, let's be grateful for our ability to have empathy, compassion and caring, and exercise that on any level we see fit. Before there was a Canada/America/Mexico, this part of the world belonged to another group of people who were conquered with violence, rape, disease, and assimilation.. I was born on #Iroquois territory, and salute the beautiful, and disappearing culture they have. I am grateful for their influence on my world view, and the constant reminder that I am a part of something bigger than myself. Christopher Columbus was not a good person in any way shape or form, nor does he deserve recognition for the accomplishments the bullsh*t history books said he made. Enjoy this holiday, count your blessings, and maybe if you can, share some of those blessings with people who don't have as many. #LOVE ✏@tyleramato
28,815 | November 24, 2016
in 2012, 15 year old #Malala Yousafza was on a school bus when Taliban fighters stopped the bus and boarded. One of the men asked the bus "Who is Malala". when a few girls looked in her direction, The man opened fire shooting Malala in the head, she was then left for dead. She woke up 7 days later in a hospital in UK, and had to spend the next year recovering from the facial and brain damage she suffered. Why was she shot? because she was publicly advocating for the girls to have the right to education in the Swat Valley of #Pakistan Grown men shooting little girls because they don't want other girls to get an education. The thing they didn't expect was for Malala to survive, and only amplify her voice.. in the years that followed, she committed herself to the cause, even becoming the youngest person to ever win a Nobel Peace Prize. Now 19, she's one of the most impactful human beings to ever step foot on the planet. the highlight of my life was seeing Nelson Mandela from afar during school trip in the 12th grade.. meeting Malala up close, being able to share with her my views on education, and female empowerment has now taken that top spot. I'm proud that @iisuperwomanii's #GirlLove Movement has supported the @malalafund in the past, as I truly believe in my heart that empowering women is the solution to many, if not all of the world's troubles. As much as I want to put Malala on a pedestal, I love the fact that she describes her younger siblings as annoying, it's a cute reminder that she's an everyday teenager, who decided to focus on something that's important to her. I hope you reading this find value in her story, support her, and create your purpose to add value to this planet.. then I hope to meet and take a picture with you. #LOVE
23,956 | August 6, 2016

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