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Gerry van der Walt

South Africa
? International Tour & Expedition Leader ? Nature & Travel Photographer ? Co founder @wildeyesa ? Public Speaker ? Podcast Host ?

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One of the most intense sightings I’ve experienced on safari. . The young lioness was, from what we could tell, trying to get into and join, or rejoin, a pride of 12. . Was she from another pride? Was she kicked out of this one? Did her mom die and she was left alone? We couldn’t know for sure. . What was obvious was that the more she tried to get close and join the pride, the more the dominant female - and later on most members of the pride - tried to keep her away. It got nasty. . It was one of the few times on safari where I actually stopped photographing. It just didn’t feel right and it cut me deep. . Predator on prey is rough to see but deep down you know it’s the natural way things work. Predator on predator, especially of the same species and so young, just doesn’t ‘feel’ right. . But that’s our emotions speaking and difficult as it may be, we often overthink these things. . Nature can be raw and beautiful, harsh and emotive. All we can do - and it’s a privilege - is to embrace the entire experience of being able to see and photograph this amazing natural world and the stories that play out day after day. . And maybe, just maybe, we learn something about ourselves. Maybe we learn something about, and to appreciate, the fine balance that exists in nature. Maybe we learn something about how we treat each other as humans. . Or... am I overthinking this? . What do you think? . #WildEyeSA #Nature #Wildlife #Africa #Safari #WildlifePhotography #ThisWillMakeAGoodPodcast
6,047 | April 19, 2018

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