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Ennie Hickman Social Profile

Ennie Hickman

love God, love people. enjoy a porch.

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Instagram Post
Life is hard enough, let’s be good to one another. We live in a very very broken country in a very very broken world. Humanity is fragile and every time I am disgusted with something like the events in Charlottesville, I’m reminded that I can do very very little to make it all go away, or to make it all stop. It’s simply our condition. No matter how hard we try, no matter how creative we are, how many hours we spend “doing” the work of the Lord, we just cannot change the hearts of people. It's not that I've given up. I guess I've just realized that’s a miracle that only God can perform. I think it's our job to love our neighbors and in so doing, reveal The Father to humanity. Violence and hatred are the symptoms of a very old disease that is way more complex and powerful than laws or societies. It is the tragic sinful story of humanity. Hatred is the disease that our enemy sows. And there is only one cure; Love itself. Knowing Love and then showing love. Today as I mourn and pray for the families who have lost loved ones to hatred this week and throughout history, I confess that I have not loved as I should. Growing up in Texas, I too wore the battle flag on occasion. I was a fool. And I’m sorry. I want to recommit today to loving better. My wife, kids, family, and neighbors. My black, LGBT and Muslim brothers and sisters. The refugees, the immigrants, and the even the racists and fascists. I love you. God loves you. The Church loves you. This country can do better. Let's do better.
715 | August 17, 2017
Instagram Post
A reflection from my 15 year old daughter about #Harvey that I had to #Repost @madeline.hickman ・・・ Every heart-wrenching catastrophe is overflowing with unexpected treasure and blessing. Today, after hours and hours of rain, the downpour began to slow, and the lake our street had become dwindled down to a large puddle. My family and I were now able to venture farther than the nearest stop sign. Wading through the water in my pajamas and chacos, I saw something so astoundingly beautiful I'm going to have trouble describing it in words. No, it wasn't the tree debris, the flooded streets, or even the flowing water making a river out of South Breaswood. It was all the people, neighbors, strangers I'd never seen before (mind you our neighborhood has quite a few walkers) and those I had only somewhat come in contact with. More people than I'd ever seen together, walking the streets, helping each other, telling stories, smiling, suffering even; but all in community. Even though I am, by God's grace, one of the minority in my area that has not yet had to deal with water inside the home, I am thankful for all my neighbors and the community I live in that they are willing to go out of their way to help one another like this. However, guys it should not take a natural disaster to bring a neighborhood together. I think this is what Jesus meant when he said "love your neighbor as yourself." My family and I have all of those affected by Harvey in our prayers❤️❤️ #harvey #thanksharvey #loveyourneighbor #prayforhouston #happysunday
669 | August 27, 2017

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