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62 /100
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Fashion, Community, Food
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This will be my year. . 2017— all in. I show up for me. . It was a quiet end to 2016. A quiet start to 2017. I mentally reviewed what worked, what didn't, and paid mindful attention to the highlights. I am grateful for those; the best of which help to set the intentions for the path forward. . 2017 will be more focused. . The fire is fuelled, and it will burn all year with gentle intensity. . I choose to invest in me. My mind and body, yes. Also, my heart. . I choose to be more present. To live with joy. Not to save things for next week, next month, next year. Not for someday. Instead, truly living in the moment. Like setting the table and lighting the candles on a Monday, for a dinner of one. A party of me. Because I'm worth it. I'll continue to share with others—that brings me joy. But, I won't "save" my best things to be enjoyed only in others' company. . I choose 'family first'. That includes friends who are like family. To honour that choice, I know I will have to let go of some relationships; the ones with those who only ever engage when they need me to cross the bridge for them. Instead, I will invest more in the ones who are willing to meet me halfway on that bridge. Whole-, not half-heartedly. No more forcing connections. None of the "let's meet" fallacy, where connection no longer lives. This creates space for yet-to-be-met gems. . I choose to invite love in. The really deep, right-in-the-gut, messy kind of love. Where vulnerability and sharing the ugly stuff is not a weakness, but a platform of strength, of character, to birth the really delicious stuff. I am 100% ready for my co-pilot for life's next adventures. The one who will be my "in case of emergency, please call..." . And I choose a dream I have danced with for several years. One from which I have taken too many pauses from pursing. This year, it will be my core pursuit. I will give it wings as I approach it with fierce focus—fearlessly. It is the dream around which all my other intentions will pivot. . This all means I will be saying 'no' to more. To say 'yes' to me. . My head and my heart are brilliantly aligned on this. Quiet mind. Loud heart. • THIS WILL BE MY YEAR! #2017
244 | January 3, 2017
Life is a series of disappointments. • I write that statement with the utmost optimism. • To explain it... the fact is that the *h*t will hit the fan (and actually fairly often.) If we can come to terms with that, and build the resilience to better navigate the "that-didn't-go-my-way" moments, I think we also learn to appreciate the triumphs dressed as ordinary happenings; to recognize them in everyday occurrences. • I'm not talking about the big wins. Those are blatantly obvious, and easy to celebrate. It's the little things that deserve more recognition. The ones that when we pause—when we stop from the busy multi-tasking and find some presence in a moment of an ordinary day—reveal themselves to be pretty damn extraordinary. • Like running into an old friend at your local coffee shop. Getting that bank teller who finds humour in your sarcastic reference (yes, once in a while, I still go into a bricks-and-mortar bank and talk to a human.) Receiving a photo DM of your niece with her best giant-happy smile. A random text message from a former neighbour. Discovering a fresh vendor at the farmers' market, one who gives you access to the 'under-the-table' stash. Or, re-discovering a decade-old dress, and realizing that wearing it (with fun new earrings) satisfies you as much as the latest runway style would have. • What may have otherwise been considered to be little things—or, worse, not considered at all—are actually big gifts. And when we choose to see their great value, they can cast such light that they diminish the darkness of the disappointments. • #gifted #gratitude #everydayextraordinary #itsthelittlethings #findthelight #thisismyyear
195 | May 30, 2017

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