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Karl Pearson-Cater Social Profile

Karl Pearson-Cater

Living in Minneapolis w/ 3 boys & my awesome wife. Content dude w/ Journalism/Marketing/Web Dev background. I have more coffee mugs than you: http://MugshotMonday.com
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Karl Pearson-Cater's Top Content

Mugshot Monday - “Hillary Clinton 2016” mug by @FishsEddyNYC with Birchwood Blend by @Peace_Coffee . This election has been totally BANANAS – I’ll be so glad when it’s over. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow on Election Day, you have to acknowledge the fact we have three women on the ballot running for president (Stein, Kennedy, and Clinton) and for the first time ever one of them is a major party nominee. That’s awesome and it’s about freaking time, America! I love it. . Last week, I tried something new and voted early. Easy task: I voted for @HillaryClinton. I’M WITH HER. . Please don’t go there and try and change my mind or mention email servers or foundations because I’m done voting – I can’t change my vote. Done! . She’ll do a fabulous job if elected and in my opinion she’s the best choice on the ballot. And not just because she’s a woman. I admit that I supported Bernie in the primaries and was happy to see him win Minnesota – he would have received my vote for president if he’d been nominated. But I’m happy and confident with Hillary as my choice. . And I’m certain you have an opinion, too! Be sure to make time and go vote. As Louis C.K. recently said, “If you don’t vote for anybody you’re an asshole.” Don’t be an asshole! Vote! . See also the 350+ photos from the Mugshot Monday project here: www.MugshotMonday.com – Every Mug Has A Story . #MugshotMonday #hillaryclinton #imwithher #election2016 #peacecoffee #coffee #coffeemug #coffeecheers #mugmonday #mugshotmondays
96 | November 7, 2016
Mugshot Monday - “#BLACKLIVESMATTER [prototype]” coffee mug with Guatemalan Light Roast by @Peace_Coffee . I’m a white male and I believe that black lives matter. . My wife went to Northern Sun on Lake Street in Minneapolis to buy a Black Lives Matter bumper sticker and I asked to get me a coffee mug if they had one. They didn’t, so I’m inspired to make my own. Let me know if you like it, or if you have feedback and I’ll make a final design. . And of course – all lives matter so don’t go there. The deal is it’s time to focus on making sure that black lives matter because these days it seems like they don’t. . From Michael Brown to Eric Garner and now to Philando Castile here in Minnesota there is this undercurrent of institutional FEAR of black people – black males in particular. It has to be dealt with. . A childhood friend who lived across the street from me – an African American – recently sent this message. . “It’s a psychological prison they are constructing, through physical violence and intimidation. I’m 38 and don’t want to leave my house. No one wants to get murdered taking their kids to the park, store, zoo…ENOUGH!” . That breaks my heart. And I feel powerless to make a difference. I decided to make this coffee mug and make it clear that I support the peaceful movement that is making a difference. Black Lives Matter. . See the 300+ photos from the Mugshot Monday project here: www.MugshotMonday.com – Every Mug Has A Story™ . #MugshotMonday #philandocastile #minneapolis #coffee #coffeemug #peacecoffee #muglife #mugmonday #mugshotmondays
95 | July 11, 2016

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PollenMidwest.org pioneerpr.es mspmag.com minneapolis.craigslist.org GiveMN.org blogs.mprnews.org heavytable.com citypages.com

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