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Angie Smith

Hi! I’m Angie, Todd’s wife & mom to 5 girls. I write books & Bible studies and teach around the country - so hope our paths cross in the great big world.

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Instagram Post
*update!*. They ran several tests and did an MRI. They do not believe he has had another stroke (which was our biggest fear). There will be follow-ups and more conversations about the best way to proceed, but all in all it was a good day of reports!!! Im so humbled by your prayers-we felt them and received them with gratitude. Thank you....* I’m in the ER with my dad. Too many details for social media but he re-started chemo (through IV) & he’s been very confused-even more so than after his stroke. He asked me to look at the notes on his phone & all of the recent entries are random words and partial attempts at coherent thoughts. As I scrolled I got to old ones, including this. He doesn’t know how to use his phone for the internet, so he just leaves my twitter account up so he can push one button and see it. It breaks me-all of it. We aren’t sure what the tests will show today and all I can think of is the way he’s loved my sister and me in wildly undeserved ways. When I came home after a hard day in the 9th grade, he told me he wanted to take me somewhere. We waited until dark to get into the MGA he was restoring and he made me close my eyes while he turned the corner. When I opened them, I saw a field absolutely filled with fireflies. Thousands and thousands. The Eagles were playing although I can’t recall the song. It smelled like old leather and fresh air and I started to cry because it was so beautiful. He smiled at me and said, “Don’t forget all of the beauty of this life, Angela. It’s bigger than today’s hurt.” I can still see the stick-shift gears popping into place while the wind tangled my hair. Even though he can’t articulate the words right now, I can still hear him saying them to me and I’m leaning hard into them. ❤️
5,375 | March 20, 2018
Instagram Post
I know we’re supposed to let them walk without holding our hands. I know it in my head; my heart is still catching up. We’ve decided to put our kids in school this year (they have always been homeschooled),and a few weeks ago I watched my youngest climb up onto a bus, claiming the first seat and smiling because her best friend Maggie would be picked up 3 stops later. Standing on the sidelines and fighting tears were Todd, myself, a few sweet neighbors, and the two nannies who have loved my girls fiercely, continously led them to the Lord, and are knitted into our hearts and home forever. I will never forget that moment. The tradition on the 1st day is that parents bike or drive to the school behind the bus and bring their kids to their classrooms. As we walked in, I grabbed her hand and followed the crowd into a hallway; it’s what I do. It’s what I’ve always done. As soon as we turned, she ran ahead of me. I won’t forget that either-the exact moment she let go. She was happy, and I pretended to be. What she didn’t see was the way I covered my mouth and cried on the other side of the door. She didn’t see my dear friend (Maggie’s mom) comforting me in the parking lot. A few days later, I dropped my oldest 3 off at their new school and walked into the quiet house wondering what they were doing and watching the clock. This parenting stuff is no joke. On the upside, I might actually get to write. Somewhere in downtown Nashville my publishers just did a slow clap for school days. 😉
5,193 | August 26, 2018

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