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amisha ghadiali Social Profile

amisha ghadiali

Authentic Leadership. Sustainable Style. Yoga & Meditation. Book & Podcast- The Future Is Beautiful. Tagline // elegance rebellion.

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Instagram Post
I am delighted to be here sharing some love at the @balispiritfest ** Thursday 23rd 10.15-12.00: Style & Presence at Zen Tent ** creative activism, authenticity, sustainability, and grace. how we do live our consciousness and make empowering choices? Join us for an inspiring discussion on the relationship between being rooted in our self worth and our ability to impact the world around us through who we are and what we wear. How can living with both spiritual and sustainable values enable us to stay centred in a world that is always trying to sell us something? How do we rise up, so that we can use our creativity, money and power to create a brighter and beautiful global future. ** Friday 24th 12.15-13.15: Chanting Mantras at The Yoga Barn Pavillion ** no instruments, just the power of our voices and the mantras, with myth, mudra and meditation. Discover the transformative power of mantras to light up our cells and awaken qualities within ourselves. Perfect if you love mantras and want space to chant, or if you are shy and want a space to explore these healing sounds. We will do a variety of mantras from rounds of the auspicious number 108, to melodic mantras connecting to Ganesha, Shiva, and the Maha Shakti. #BaliSpiritFest #Ubud #Bali #styleandpresence #style #sustainability #consciousness #greenliving #grace #empower #authenticity #eco #green #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #creativeactivism #thefutureisbeautiful #festival #mantras #myth #mudra #meditation #yoga #voice #power #activsm
365 | March 21, 2017
Instagram Post
Here at @jaipurlitfest with my soul sister @mischavarmuza where we have been part of so many interesting conversations about Yoga, Sanskrit, Tantra, Mythology and Empowerment. Many inspiring threads for our upcoming retreat in Bali, Indonesia! We have extended the early bird offer until the end of jan. ❤️️THE HEART OF TRANSFORMATION ❤️️ Yoga . Meditation . Healing . Ritual . Dance . Sacred Sound & Earth Prayer 27th March to 2nd April 2017 (between Bali Spirit Fest and New Earth Festival) Join us in the beautiful and sacred land of Bali where we will dive deep into the heart of transformation, exploring movement, stillness and healing practices. We have designed this retreat to reawaken our connection with ourselves, each other and the earth. The journey of transformation calls for us to make time and space for ourselves to nurture and strengthen our body and be boldly curious of our inner world. Over the week the practices will be both deep and challenging and quiet and nurturing as well as joyful and light to strengthen, open and harmonise the body, mind and heart. We will explore meditation techniques and conscious breath to guide us towards more presence, connection and freedom. The Heart of Transformation offers a week of discovery and healing, new friends and delicious food in a safe and beautiful space. We hope you will join us to dance in the heart-fire under the sun and beneath the stars. Visit www.amisha.co.uk for more info. #yoga #retreat #heartoftransformation #ritual #yogaretreat #bali #ubud #baliyogaretreat #sound #mantra #transformation #love #connection #earth #replenishretreats #rasayoga #urbanpriestess #risesisterrise #womenmarch #womenofthewild #baliretreat #jaipur #jaipurlitfest #myth #tantra #yoga #balispiritfest #newearthfestival #replenish #dance #ritual #mudra
269 | January 22, 2017

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