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SeattleWeekly Events Social Profile

SeattleWeekly Events

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Instagram Post
A PANORAMIC VIEW OF YOU It is often noted that any artwork is as much a mirror as a window. #Kusama makes this literally so, and given that you have only 20 to 30 seconds in an Infinity Room before the docent shuffles you out and brings in the next group of two or three viewers, chances are you will not have time for a real epiphany. What you see in there will already be a reflection of where you are. If you are already the pensive sort who can’t help but ponder everything between the microscopic and macroscopic, these rooms are a beautiful, memorable visual aid, but unnecessary; you already have the self-negation thing down. If you are an egoist, you’ll find yourself in the most magical dressing room, with your favorite person in every direction. No need for a selfie stick. It’s #panoramic you (and two other people). But if you are a child (or are able to step back into a childlike state), I say go go go. You’ll probably spend two hours in lines for a few minutes of wonder, but that’s more than one gets out of a feature-length film—and unlike in a theater, it is acceptable to talk with your neighbor during the dull parts. And if you are in love, go. This may sound schlocky, but it’s the truth. After all, the Infinity Rooms are simultaneously self-negating and self-centering, just as Kusama’s dot motif sees a unified whole among discrete particles. Isn’t that a fine definition of love between humans? #yayoikusama: Infinity Mirrors, Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave., seattleartmuseum.org. $35. Fri., June 30–Sun., Sept. 10. Read T.S. Flocks preview of the show at seattleweekly.com. Kusama’s “Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity.” Courtesy @seattleartmuseum
367 | July 3, 2017
Instagram Post
Blockades, Chaos and Pepper Spray at Mass SeaTac Demonstration Denouncing Trump's Immigration Ban "This checkpoint's closed." As the crowd swelled in size, protesters became more bold, using their numbers to form human walls by linking arms and blocking entrances to TSA checkpoints with chants of “This checkpoint’s closed” and “hey hey, ho ho, Islamophobia’s got to go.” Chant’s of “Let them in” resonated off the airport walls as police officers from Renton, Port of Seattle, and Seattle attempted to clear paths for travelers as they attempted to get through TSA checkpoints. Activists moved from checkpoint to checkpoint, building larger human chains and filling gaps, preventing airport personnel from moving through the building and keeping travelers from reaching the TSA checkpoints. The Seattle Times reports that four people who arrived at SeaTac Saturday had been ordered back to their country of departure. Another two people had been detained in SeaTac. On Sunday morning, the office of U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal said those two people had been released. As protests swelled, some travelers, seemingly out of pure desperation, began pushing and shoving their way through the crowd, often to no avail, as the protesters were often 10 deep. At one point, airport personnel were prevented from leaving the airport after their shift, causing them to become angry with the demonstrators. A supervisor was called over and said to the demonstrators, “these are American workers and they just want to go home,” to which a protester replied, “that’s why we are here, for people who just want to go home.” Read the full report with more images by Alex Garland here: http://bit.ly/SWblockadeschaos #SeattleWeekly #Seattle #SWnews #SeaTacProtest #noban #seattleactivists #wewelcomeyou #sanctuarycity
321 | January 29, 2017

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