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United States
songwriter / producer / world renowned pizza snob

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Instagram Post
Last night was an incredible experience. For 5 years we've tried waiting patiently for this and it was well worth the wait. My heart grew last night w each smiling face or person singing back to us. These songs and this band helped shape me as a person and a musician - the 6 of us were truly lucky last night. It couldn't have happened with out the amazing friends and co-workers behind the scenes! Quin Lorenz our TM, Ian Planet helping us with Teching and everything gear related, Ryan Wapner for being the best merch guy anywhere! Andrew Torre for drum teching and helping us immensely w a practice space, Andrew Ellis & Marissa our booking agents for getting this ball rolling and taking such good care of us, Rob Hitt for signing our band and opening up the flood gates for the band to do cool things, Evan Kirkendall / Ryan Dusak for being the best sound guys ever, Joe Feree for always taking such good care of us as a promoter, and of course @the_fillmore_philly for being such an amazing venue for this - we loved it! I am just truly and utterly happy this morning that last night was as special as it was. I really hope we made you guys proud and you enjoyed yourselves one more time w @valenciatheband - it was the biggest headline show we have ever done at 2600 plus - the longest set we have ever played clocking in at almost 2 hours and 24 songs, and man I just want to do it all over again tonight! Love you guys! Come check out the acoustic shows next week! Jan 4th- Amityville Long Island, Jan 5th Baltimore MD, Jan 6th Vineland NJ, and Jan 7th Philly PA Trocadero
628 | December 29, 2016
Instagram Post
I am very excited to announce my band @valenciatheband will be reuniting this December! See our collective statement below... For years, our collective reason to believe was music. We all believed in the same cause -- sacrificing ourselves to make others happy. Sleeping in vans and crowded hotel rooms, waking up at dawn (or not sleeping at all), failing classes to record a record. Always exchanging current pain for future joy. When the sacrifice became too much to bear, we parted ways to create our own reasons to believe and our own personal causes. We've been across the world and back, learned more than we ever thought we would, moved across state lines, found love, lost love, and enough time has passed. On December 27th and 28th, after five long years away, we will be playing two shows. We'll be returning to our adopted second home (New York City) and our hometown (Philadelphia) in support of the vinyl release of our first record, This Could be a Possibility. This is the album that changed our lives. It was a slingshot that set us on a trajectory that none of us could have imagined or predicted. Come sing with us. Hang out with us again. Let's feel the feelings we once felt, even if just for a night or two. Here in the future, we can all keep up with each other on social media, but there's nothing better than hearing your voices and feeling the energy we create in a room when we come together as humans, with pain and hurt and past and present experiences. We forget about it all for a few hours, let it all go, and sing at the top of our lungs. I'm writing this on a plane to the Pacific Northwest. One of our favorite memories of life on the road was when Max came and visited us while we were on tour with Motion City Soundtrack, Saves the Day, and Say Anything, traveling through that part of the country. He came out for a few days and rode in the van again. It was one of our favorite times. Everyone was happy, we went out at night, ate good food together, and had hilarious and classic conversations in the van. We feel that this journey between now and December will be similar: relaxed and focused with a macro perspective. We love you guys & can't wait to see U
407 | September 27, 2016
Instagram Post
Oh the memories!
436 | December 31, 2016

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