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Victor Nguyen-Long Social Profile

Victor Nguyen-Long

Quit my job to follow some dreams and find out what the world needs and how I can contribute. Formerly @Audi, @Nike, @72andSunny, @RedBull.

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Last month, my father turned 84. A few years ago he was diagnosed with #Alzheimers Disease. He’s always been a bit forgetful, but we noticed he was having increasing trouble remembering simple things and the occasional illogical behavior was becoming more frequent. Every time I came home to visit, I noticed he got just a little bit worse. And I noticed my mother, the strongest and most resilient woman I know, was getting just a little bit more tired. My parents have always encouraged me to follow my passions and do whatever I needed to do to build my career because after all, as they always selflessly said, “It’s your future.” So for the better part of the past 17 years, I’ve chased my career all over the country, whether it was Atlanta, LA, DC, or Portland. However, growing up an only child you know there will come a day you need to make your way home and start helping your parents out. I decided that time has come for me. The other night, I rang the doorbell on the house I grew up in. As the door opened, I could see my father’s infectious ear-to-ear smile glowing (and it wasn’t just the flash from my Snapchat). We stood at the door hugging each other. I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know a thing about Alzheimer’s or dementia or even the difference between the two. All I know is it’s a terrible disease and a frustratingly mysterious one. One of the things I most look forward to is being able to go to the doctor with my father, to ask the right questions and learn everything there is to know about this awful disease, how to treat it, how to cope with it, and how to best support my mother. I know there will be a day he won’t remember who I am. That day will be heartbreaking, but I’ll be damned if I don’t make the most of our time together until then. Home is where the heart is. And you can never go wrong when you follow your heart. Mom, dad... I’m home.
409 | October 12, 2014
Today was a good day. Today was the first day of a new adventure and a new challenge. Today was my first day at @Audi of America. In high school, @malaysiamerican’s dad handed him down a maroonish/brownish Audi 5000 to whip around Arlington. In college, my roommate Zuck bought the illest black on black on black C5 Audi A6 with the neck-snapping 2.7 liter Turbo and that beautiful swooped tail end. It was the first time I sat in heated seats and remember always turning them on high even in the summer because I got such a kick out of it. Erica and @elises23’s father’s A6 was where I experienced GPS voice navigation for the first time. When I heard the radio volume automatically lower for the turn-by-turn direction… Mind = blown. When it was time for me to buy a new car after college, I was determined to buy a B5 Audi S4. I went to Jim Ellis Audi in Atlanta and test drove a pristine one in Brilliant Silver. I remember feeling the bi-turbo kick in for the first time and before I knew it I had hit 90 on Peachtree (Blvd). It was the smoothest car I had ever driven and to this day I still remember how the steering wheel felt in my hands. I fell in love. And for two weeks after that I tried to low ball the dealer, but they weren’t having it. Fast forward a few years when I was in LA looking for another car. Again, I set my eyes on an S4 and found one, identical to the one in Atlanta, but this time it was a manual. I had only driven stick a few times, but I didn’t care and told myself I’d learn just to have this car. In retrospect, I must have scared the crap out of the owner. Even to this day, I get a rush every time I shift it from 1st to 2nd and feel it catapult me up the entire RPM range. The GIAC chip upgrade also helps a little. A few years ago, to my surprise, @dennisseydel told me Audi moved its NA headquarters from Michigan to the DC area. I always told myself that if I ever came home, I would give anything to work there. Who could have imagined things would come full circle like this. The world really does work in mysterious ways. But one thing’s for sure: following your passion sure as hell pays off.
368 | October 14, 2014

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