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New York
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Ok, Don’t want to get too heavy on you today. But I can’t help that a major event in my life fell on Good Friday. However, it’s probably the most important post I can ever share with you. I already told you how Good Friday 1989 changed my life forever. Let me tell you how Good Friday 2017 DEFINED MY LIFE FOREVER. I had a surgery to take a lump off my thyroid that was detected in my yearly physical. The 1 hr surgery ended up being 3 hrs of removing stage 2 cancer that I didn’t know I even had. The surgeon put 4 dots where he would make his incision on my neck. I don’t believe it was a coincidence or mistake that the dots are over the word blessed and under the word GOD. I am cancer free and enjoying my life due to that yearly physical and #earlydetection . I am alive and healthy because I put my health first. Are you doing this? I have come to the realization that we generally go out of our way to take care of everybody else but ourselves. But I believe that Good Friday was a sign to convince me to use my public stage for something else. #EarlyDetection Bottom line, if I can just get 1 of you to push yourself or the ones you love to get a physical, mammogram, colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood pressure test, diabetes test or whatever else you are neglecting, then maybe that’s why I have been blessed with the public stage. Early Detection has been proven to be one of the best ways to help people survive potentially fatal ailments. I have received hundreds of letters by people that tell me I saved their life because they heard this message from me, went to the doctor and caught a problem in time. If I can save more lives by bringing this to your attention, then I have done my job. Happy Good Friday. DJ Make sure you share this with the hard headed person in your life that is taking care of everybody else. But refuses to take care of themselves.
41,611 | April 20, 2019

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