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Full time dessert lover. Food and Travel Blogger & Cookbook Author. Mama of twin daughters - Ellie & Lyla. Animal hoarder. Netflix marathoner.

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We are so beyond excited to share this amazing news we have been sitting on for the last few months! We are going to have another sweet baby! And this time it's just one baby AND it's a boy! 💙 ✨ As many of you know, Jorge and I struggled to have our girls. And then what most don't know -- we have tried three rounds of IVF since the girls to have another. (For a total of 4 IVF rounds. I feel like a pro at this point.) ✨ I suffered miscarriages of twins after both previous rounds of IVF and we were beyond crushed. I normally don't share this stuff publicly...I don't want to feel anyone's pity or judgement. And we have been on the receiving end of both. ✨ But, I am finally tired of feeling like I'm hiding it. It's not shameful. It's just our cross to bare in this life, but we are so very thankful to be on this side of it again. ✨ I've been thinking of sharing a blog post detailing what all we have gone through and what I believe made the difference this last time (for the first time ever we made it to the blastocyst stage and have EIGHT embryos on ice!). Would that be something any of you are interested in? We have so many friends struggling with infertility and I know sometimes it helps to hear others stories of failures AND successes. ✨ If you are struggling and fighting as hard as you can for your miracle baby, know that I understand and I have your back. You've got this. It's hard, it hurts, it changes you in ways you don't expect...but it's also beautiful once it pays off. ✨ UPDATE: after the crazy response here ok instagram, I went ahead and wrote the post. Be prepared, it’s a 3,500+ word doozy. But if you are going through infertility, have struggled with it or want to understand it better, head on over to my profile @thenovicechef and the link to the post is there. ❤️ ✨ #infertilitysucks #infertility #infertilityawareness #infertilityjourney
2,223 | June 19, 2018

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