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Shaman Durek Social Profile

Shaman Durek

United States
Sharing love as I travel on the Heal the country Heal the world Love tour! #htchtw http://www.shamandurek.com
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We are all shocked by the recent shooting of our angel Beki Ikala @meleklerleyasamak . I will do everything in my power with my ancestors to see her to the light. That being said we must not go into fear; we must light a white candle and write Beki's name on it . We must say to the spirits to find the woman who did this to her and bring her to face her crimes. We are at a very difficult time now. I was told by the spirits this women was jealous of her and wanted something from Beki, and when she did not get it, she decided to kill her. Beki also is with the angels and will continue her work for Turkey on the other side. She is going through the process now in the light. We must not fear; we must get stronger, remember her teachings and pull our energy together to bring this woman to face what she has done. Then we must get focused on our spiritual energy even more. Remember my darlings we are at war with darkness to take back the power into the light. This journey ahead will not be easy for a lot of people, however, you are strong; there is great power within you. We must join together. We must not be afraid. There are casualties in war. This is true. We must continue the fight for freedom and for love. I am in this with you. Please everyone, take a white candle, Beki's image, and write her name in the candle, and say with me, "Spirits of the Light, Guardians of Justice, Karmic Angels, Seeker Spirits, Find the woman who has harmed our sweet Beki. Bring her to face her crimes. Now go Spirits, and carry out what we have asked!" After you have done this, focus on all the beautiful things you have shared with her: her big bright smiles, her playful spirit, her beautiful energy, childlike and free, her excitement that she brings into a room, and her eyes. Focus on all the things, all the beautiful moments, so that the power supports her and supports you. We have many roads down which to journey for freedom on Earth. We must face the storm, hand-in-hand, and heart-to-heart, if we are to be triumphant. I love you---all of you, with all my heart! Shaman Durek
474 | December 15, 2016

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